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The Ruger P95 incorporated a number of changes from earlier Ruger P series pistols; including a shorter 3.9" barrel and a new frame made of fiberglass-reinforced polyurethane, based on Dow Chemical's "Isoplast". This reduced the weight of the pistol by 4 ounces (110 g) and reduced manufacturing costs. Unlike other polymer framed handguns on the market at the time of design, the P95 had no metal inserts in the frame. The high strength polymer allowed the slide to ride directly on the polymer frame rails which simplified manufacturing and further reduced production costs.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 3[]

A Ruger P95 is used by one of the Rival Dealers before the shootout. ("Half Measures")

Season 5[]

Todd Alquist used a Ruger P95 during the gunfight between Hank and Gomez. ("To'hajiilee",  "Ozymandias")

El Camino[]

In a flashback, Jesse finds the gun in Todd's glove box after they bury Sonia and grabs it, but is talked down by Todd and Jesse gives the gun up to Todd.

In the present, Jesse recovers the gun from Todd's El Camino's glove box while hiding from the police after escaping from the White Supremacist Compound. Jesse holds onto the weapon while showering and later pulls it on Skinny Pete and Badger in the middle of a PTSD-induced flashback. After threatening Neil Kandy and Casey with the weapon, it is taken away by the two criminals. Jesse later asks Neil for his gun back, but Neil simply tells Jesse to buy a new gun. ("El Camino")


  • The gun Jesse carries in "El Camino" until it is taken by Neil Kandy is Todd's gun from the flashbacks that Jesse found in the El Camino while burying Sonia's body in the desert. While hiding from the cops, Jesse can be seen pulling it out of the glove compartment again, suggesting that Todd never bothered to move the gun after Jesse found it.