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Ron is a junkie and petty criminal.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 5[]

Ron and Sticky are among those that turn up for Jimmy's phone giveaway and free legal advice. When Jimmy announces he is out of phones, the pair prepare to leave, but agree to take Jimmy's business card in exchange for a 50% reduction in legal fees. ("Magic Man")

Emboldened by the 50% discount, Sticky and Ron go on a drug-fueled crime spree, purchasing more and more cocaine from Arlo and Mouse using their ill-gotten gains. The pair eventually turn up in a binged out car and purchase 10 packets. Unfortunately, their product gets stuck in a drain pipe, forcing Krazy-8 to come and fix the problem. As Krazy-8 is dismantling the pipe, the police arrive to the scene. While Sticky and Ron are able to escape along with Arlo and Mouse, Krazy-8 is stuck on a ladder and arrested once the drugs finally fall out of the pipe. ("50% Off")

Sticky and Ron hire Saul Goodman who promises to get them five to six months in jail and rehab for their crimes, but they balk at the $4,000 price tag which he claims is 50% off as he is charging them together instead of separately. While they initially choose to go with a public defender instead, Saul scares them into agreeing to hire him for $4,000 by warning that taking their chances could lead to the two men getting five years instead of five months. Saul warns the two that they can't pay him with the money they stole however and Sticky promises to have his grandmother pay him. ("Namaste")


Better Call Saul[]

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  • The name for Ron was originally going to be Ronnie.[1]