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Rocker Salvage is a junkyard owned by Old Joe.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 3[]

After Hank Schrader found out that Jesse Pinkman was using an RV as a mobile meth lab, Walter White raced to Clovis' storage yard to get the RV and destroy any evidence it contained. Clovis recommended that he take it to Old Joe's junkyard and that Old Joe could "wipe it off the face of the planet." Badger rang Jesse to let him know what Walt was doing and Jesse hurried to the junkyard to stop him, unknowingly followed by Hank.

Hank and Jesse arrived at the junkyard shortly after one another. Jesse and Walt hid out in the RV while Hank snooped around the outside and tried to break in. Old Joe showed up and between the three of them, they convinced Hank to get a warrant to search the RV. While waiting for the warrant, Walt had Saul Goodman get his secretary to distract Hank with a phone call telling him that his wife had been in a car accident.

After Hank's departure, a forklift tore the RV in two, crushed it partially and loaded it into a car crusher. ("Sunset")

Season 5[]

Old Joe's Junkyard

After finding that the police had Gustavo Fring's laptop containing video footage of Walt, Jesse & Mike Ehrmantraut's involvement in his meth business, the gang meet at Joe's junkyard. Jesse and Walt had a plan to use a giant electromagnet to destroy the contents of the laptop from outside the police evidence room. They bought Joe's magnet from his crane and wired it up inside a truck that they also bought. ("Live Free or Die")

El Camino[]

Old Joe is listening to a radio news report about the Walter White case in an office overlooking the junkyard when gets a call from Jesse requesting to have Todd Alquist's El Camino destroyed. ("El Camino")

El camino joe's yard

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