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Robert Williams is a former client of Jimmy McGill who was hired by Jimmy to pose as a billboard worker for a publicity stunt.


Season 1

Jimmy represented Robert's family in court. ("Mijo")

In desperate need of clients, Jimmy orchestrates a publicity stunt in which he hires Robert to impersonate a billboard worker. Jimmy sets up a filming crew directly in front of a billboard, upon which Robert fakes a fall and subsequently dangles from the ledge. Jimmy rushes up to save him, which in turn gives him more publicity for his law firm. ("Hero")


Better Call Saul

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  • Robert's name comes from a newspaper article shown on AMC's story sync for episode 4 "Hero".[1]
  • The same actor portrays a cartel gunman in Breaking Bad ("Full Measure"). It is not known if this is the same character who has become a hardened criminal.