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Robbert "Robbie" Finn is a manager of CC Mobile.


Season 4[]

Robbie calls Jimmy McGill while he's sleeping, and offers him a job at CC Mobile's uptown branch, telling him Jimmy had a good impression on Mr. Boyd. He tells him that Jimmy's new job would be as a shift supervisor, and tells him that they can start his training that day. However, Jimmy says that his plans have changed and that he won't be able to take the job.

However, after talking to Kim, Jimmy calls Robbie back to ask if the job is still available, saying he can't pass up the opportunity.

After Jimmy gets the job, he gets a call from Robbie, asking how his new job is. Jimmy tells him it's good but slow, referencing that there are no customers coming. Robbie replies that this is a normal weekday, and that he should bring a book, but also tells Jimmy that he should wait until inventory week which is when a lot of costumers come. After Jimmy asks him when inventory week is, he tells him that he just missed it. Jimmy asks him if he can move him to a store with more traffic, but Robbie says that the Gold Street store that is pretty active has a full schedule, but tells Jimmy that he will give it a week and see, along with telling him that if he can he will drop by the store Jimmy's at. ("Talk")

When Jimmy completes his PPD, Robbie, as employer, writes a letter to the committee. ("Wiedersehen")


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