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Ricky Sipes's House is the residence of Ricky Sipes. Discontent with what America had become, Ricky dreamed of transforming his home into its own sovereign state named Sandia.


Impressed after reading about Jimmy McGill's billboard rescue in the newspaper, Ricky invites Jimmy to his house for a consultation. The two take a seat in the lounge, have a drink, and begin discussing Ricky's case. Ricky explains to Jimmy that he is disappointed in what the United States have become and that he wishes to secede from the nation, turning his ranch into its own sovereign state with Jimmy as his lawyer. Ricky offers Jimmy $1 million in cash before revealing a briefcase full of not American dollars, but his own printed currency, complete with his own portrait imitating that of an American president. Upon realizing that the fortune is worthless, Jimmy's excitement about the offer quickly subsides. ("Alpine Shepherd Boy")


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