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Regalo Helado is an ice-cream company based in Mexico. It was a drug distribution front for Hector Salamanca and his organization.



BCS 208 01

A Regalo Helado UD 1200 truck driven by Ximenez Lecerda.

Cartel capo Hector Salamanca purchased the company in the 1990s, and set it up to deliver cocaine from Mexico and send money shipments back to Eladio Vuente. The company is located in Michoacán and Ximenez Lecerda was hired as the primary driver.

Better Call Saul[]

While transporting ice cream products to Albuquerque, New Mexico, the driver also smuggled illegal goods and cash for Hector. After crossing the U.S.-Mexico border into Albuquerque, the driver picks up a gun from a dead drop for self-defense and drops it off when entering Mexico. ("Fifi")

The operation is eventually discovered by Mike Ehrmantraut during his plan to take revenge on Hector. ("Fifi") He tracks the route and schedule the trucks use and attacks one, tying up Ximenez, and stealing a cash stash of $250,000 hidden in one of the tires. ("Nailed")

For his failure, Hector had Ximenez tortured and killed by The Cousins. ("Klick")

After Mike's attack on a truck, Hector has the driver ride with a passenger armed with a shotgun to defend against any subsequent attacks on either side of the border. At the suggestion of Gustavo Fring, Mike sabotages another smuggling run, planting cocaine on another truck. ("Sunk Costs") This leads the DEA to raid an ice cream shop and thus deprive Hector of his means of transporting his drugs and money between the Mexico and the U.S., to the delight of Gustavo Fring. ("Sabrosito")



  • Regalo Helado is Spanish for "Ice Cream Gift" and their slogan translates to "From our family to yours".