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Raquel is an employee at a Cinnabon located in Omaha, Nebraska, and a co-worker of Gene Takavic and Sam.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 1[]

Raquel and the other employees make Cinnabons for customers. ("Uno")

Season 2[]

Raquel and Krista help Gene clean up and lock up the Cinnabon store. When they're done, Gene bids them farewell. ("Switch")

Season 3[]

Raquel and the other employees continue making Cinnabons for customers. ("Mabel")

Season 6[]

Raquel continues working at the Cinnabon store. Later during one of her shifts, Raquel hears Gene making a call with Kathy - a manager of a department store in Cottonwood Mall - and asks him if everything is fine, to which he explains that it's a delivery error he's settling with a customer. Raquel nods and returns to her work station. ("Nippy")


Better Call Saul[]

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