SAC Ramey is the Special Agent in Charge of the El Paso division of the DEA.


Season 2

He and ASAC George Merkert debriefed Hank Schrader after the shooting of Tuco Salamanca. ("Bit by a Dead Bee")

Later, Ramey welcomed Hank Schrader to the El Paso office. ("Negro y Azul")

Season 5

After George Merkert was phased out of his role of ASAC of the Albuquerque DEA Field Office, Ramey visited from El Paso to find a replacement. He chose Hank Schrader for his work on the Fring drug empire investigation. Hank accepted. ("Fifty-One")

Ramey later chewed out Hank for using so many DEA resources on investigating Mike Ehrmantraut. He ordered the investigation to be closed. ("Say My Name")


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  • SAC stands for "Special Agent in Charge"
  • Ramey is the highest-ranking DEA agent seen on the show
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