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The RAKS Building Supply is a hardware store just outside of Albuquerque.


Season 1[]

Jesse goes to the store on Walter's orders to buy a tub to dissolve Emilio's body. ("Cat's in the Bag...")

Season 2[]

Bob, a salesman working at the store sells a Bosch Therm 520-series heater to Walt.

Walt makes several trips to the store to buy supplies needed to replace the rotten wood in his house.

During yet another trip, Walt notices acetone, lye, and other meth supplies in a shopping cart. When the tweaker returns with boxes of matches, Walt points out that the ones he got are incorrect and him buying all of the supplies from one store will raise suspicion. Spooked, the guy runs away. Walt gets in line to purchase his own selections but suddenly changes his mind and heads to the parking lot. Staring down the tweaker's burly partner, Walt says, "Stay out of my territory." Frightened, the two get in their motorhome and drive away. ("Over")


  • This is a real chain of building supply stores in New Mexico.