Officer Platt is a member of the Albuquerque Police Department.


Season 4

While selling drop phones from the back of a panel van, Jimmy is confronted by a man he identifies as a plainclothes cop. Officer Platt is carrying one of "Saul's" business cards, which he has collected from a drug dealer using a drop phone. He asks Jimmy if he is bothered that his customers are drug dealers, and orders him to sell his phones to different clientele somewhere else. Jimmy refuses, leading to an argument with the cop. Huell walks up and, seeing the confrontation, strikes Officer Platt with a shopping bag and knocks him over. Huell is arrested, while Jimmy tries to barter with tOfficer Platt to release him. Platt reveals that he busted Huell three years previously for pickpocketing. Jimmy promises to sell his phones somewhere else if Huell is let go, but Officer Platt refuses and Huell is driven away. ("Something Stupid")


Better Call Saul

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