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The Pinkman Residence is the house of Adam Pinkman, his wife Diane and their son Jake Pinkman.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 1[]

Jesse Pinkman, Adam and Diane's elder son, once lived with them in the house but they kicked him out because of his persistent drug use. Jesse briefly returned to stay when he was selling his own house, but after his parents found a joint of weed (actually belonging to Jake) in Jesse's room, they kicked him out again ("Cancer Man").

El Camino[]

After escaping from the White Supremacist Compound, Jesse contacts his parents, asking them to pick him up so that Jesse can turn himself in. As his parents leave, followed by a pair of undercover police officers surveilling the house, Jesse sneaks into the backyard and finds the spare house key under a loose rock on the patio. Inside, Jesse breaks into the safe and steals two pistols, at least one of which belonged to his grandfather. Before leaving, Jesse uses the phonebook to locate Kandy Welding Co. and turns off the tap of the kitchen sink, which had been left partially on by his father in the hurry to leave the house. ("El Camino")


  • The real life building is known as the Kate Nichols Chaves House.
  • The same filming location appears in Better Call Saul when Gene Takavic, now living in Omaha, Nebraska exits his taxi after he suspects the driver recognizes him from his previous life. ("Smoke")