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Pierce, Wendell, Gardiner, & Acevedo is a Law Office in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Season 2[]

Jesse Pinkman meets here with his parents and their lawyer. During the meeting Jesse is told to vacate his Aunt Ginny’s house in 72 hours. Jesse’s mother tells him that a DEA agent came looking for him. Jesse tries to spin the story by claiming that he was helping the DEA. She called him on the lie saying she saw the meth lab in the basement. Mr. Gardiner explains that Jesse’s parents are the owners and they were liable for anything illegal drug activity there and the government can take the entire house and that’s why Jesse has to leave (“Down”).

Season 3[]

Saul Goodman meets Jesse’s parents and Mr. Gardiner here about a client of his who wants to buy their house. ("Caballo Sin Nombre")


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