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You gonna catch the bus, Mr. McGill?
― Phil expressing concern for his boss.[src]

Phil, also known as Sound Guy, is a college student who works as the boom operator for Saul Goodman Productions.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 1[]

Jimmy McGill hires Phil and his friend Marshall Dixon to film his plea beneath his billboard, which is being removed on orders of HHM for copyright infringement. Phil watches in shock as the billboard worker loses his footing and falls, being rescued by Jimmy who scaled the billboard to save him as part of a publicity stunt to bring attention to his law firm. ("Hero")

Season 2[]

Jimmy calls Phil and Marshall to Geraldine Strauss' house to film a commercial for Davis & Main. ("Amarillo")

Jimmy has a meeting with Phil and Marshall about making another commercial for his own law firm. ("Inflatable")

Phil, Marshall Dixon, and Jimmy sneak into a military base to film a tracking shot for Jimmy's new commercial. They arrive with Fudge, a former client of Jimmy's who they have placed in a wheelchair with an oxygen mask to fool the soldiers into believing he is a senile war veteran. After Jimmy convinces the captain to momentarily leave them, Fudge poses before a B-29 bomber as Phil and Joey use the wheelchair to record the shot. ("Fifi")

Phil, Marshall Dixon, and Sherry are employed by Jimmy to shoot his commercial beneath the American flag at W.H. Mauldin elementary school. ("Nailed")

Season 3[]

Jimmy offers to record a commercial for the owners of a carpet store, however they refuse his proposal. After delivering this news to Phil and Marshall Dixon, Sherry suggests that they instead shoot a commercial for himself to boost business. Jimmy and the crew drive to a TV station to shoot an unrehearsed ad in front of the station's antennae and satellite dishes. ("Off Brand")

Jimmy again meets with Phil, Joey, and and Sherry. As his car fails to start, Jimmy and the crew are forced to take a bus to their next stop. They travel to a music store to film an advertisement, but Rick and Ryan, the store's owners, express doubt that Jimmy is worth their money. Eager to not lose his potential customers, Jimmy agrees to film the commercial free of charge, forcing him to pay the crew with almost all of the cash in his wallet, leaving him penniless. ("Expenses")

The next day, Jimmy returns asking for a down payment of $6500 from the ABQ In Tune owners to proceed with 7 more commercials who refuse despite the fact the commercial actually did bring in more customers. As retribution, Jimmy conducts a plan to feign a loose drumstick on the floor and Phil dissimulates to tell the owners to call the ambulance after he slips with Marshall recording the incident, thus successfully forcing the owners to pay up. ("Slip")

Season 4[]

In order to free Huell Babineaux from conviction, Jimmy hires Marshall Dixon's crew to aid his efforts to fool assistant district attorney Suzanne Ericsen into believing that Huell is a local hero in his hometown. Phil mixes a series of CDs with appropriate background noise, such as church organ music, while the other crew members answer calls from the ADA to make it seem as though the calls are coming from locations in Huell's hometown. He plays it on Jimmy's signal and the con works. Jimmy subsequently leaves the crew to man the drop phones and gives them instructions for what to do, having paid them for working the whole day. ("Coushatta")

A year after Chuck's suicide, Phil and Marshall are hired to cover the dedication of the Charles L. McGill Reading Room and they interview Howard Hamlin. The two thank Howard on behalf of the whole school, only to learn that Howard is a guest and didn't donate the library. Phil and Marshall are confused as they thought they heard someone say that Howard paid for everything, but he tells them that although he wishes he could take credit, he can't. ("Winner")

Season 5[]

Phil, Sherry, and Marshall Dixon pose as TV reporters who confront Bill Oakley who is being ambushed by the crew at the Court House. ("Magic Man")

Jimmy presents the crew with an old Mesa Verde commercial at the nail salon, with a young Kevin Watchell and Don Wachtell appear. ("Wexler v. Goodman")

Season 6[]

Phil and his crew are hired again by Jimmy to take pictures of an actor posing as Rand Casimiro taking a bribe from Jimmy as part of his and Kim Wexler's con against Howard Hamlin. ("Axe and Grind")

In gym clothing, Phil arrives with photography equipment to reshoot a scene after Jimmy discovers Casimiro have broken his arm. Marshall is annoyed by Phil being able to touch his equipment but Jimmy cuts him off and reminded them about the current situation they're in, as they both immediately adjust their implements. They eventually took the pictures and Marshall develops them for Jimmy and Kim. ("Plan and Execution")


Better Call Saul[]

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