Peter Schuler was the head of the fast food division of Madrigal Electromotive GmbH, the parent company of Los Pollos Hermanos


Background information

Peter Schuler was hired by Mr. Herzog in 1992. According to Herzog, Schuler “almost singlehandedly grew our little restaurant division into an industry leader, and a source of great personal pride.”

Peter Schuler had been in contact with Gustavo Fring and invested in his Los Pollos Hermanos chain of restaurant, and funded his meth distribution network.

Season 5

After Fring was murdered, the DEA began investigating Madrigal Electromotive. In Hanover, Germany, when the police arrive to question him about his relationship with Gus Fring, Peter committed suicide by sticking one end of an automated external defibrillator in his mouth and the other over his heart. The electric current flows, and Schuler slumps onto the floor of the bathroom, dead. His death then triggers the automatic flush function on the toilet.


The CEO of Madrigal, Mr. Herzog, had later told the DEA that he assumed Peter was guilty, but that he was likely the only one at Madrigal who knew of the meth business. The Madrigal CEO tells the DEA, “I continue to believe that Peter Schuler was a lone anomaly. But if that is not the case, I want to know it, just as you would.” ("Madrigal")

Deaths connected to Peter

  • Himself: Committed suicide by electrifying himself with an automated external defibrillator in order to avoid being arrested due to his connection with Gus Fring. ("Madrigal")


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