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Perea's New Mexican Restaurant is a Mexican Restaurant in Albuquerque.


Breaking Bad[]

Skyler and Hank meet here after Hank found out that Walter is Heisenberg. After a brief chat, he slyly asks to record everything she knows about Walt's criminal activities "while it's still fresh in her mind". Uncomfortable by Hank's eagerness, she says nothing and reluctantly tells Hank she thinks a lawyer should be present for her protection before she says anything. Hank tells her that their interests are the same — to keep Marie, Skyler, Holly, and Walt Jr. safe. Skyler tries to leave but Hank, desperate for her not to leave without first implicating Walt, stops her, grabbing her wrist. Coming to her senses, she begins to repeatedly shout if she's under arrest, attracting attention in the restaurant. Eventually, accusing Skyler of not thinking straight, Hank regretfully releases his grip and lets her leave. ("Buried")


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  • In real life, this restaurant moved to a different building and this building is now a daycare center.

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