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Paul Tyree is the former bass player for the band TwaüghtHammër. He is married to Sara Tyree and they have one son, Henry Tyree.


Background information[]

Paul played for TwaüghtHammër for an undetermined length of time. Paul kept his bass after the band dissolved. The 4-string electric Danelectro Longhorn bass has a tan body, a black rim, a tone knob, and a volume knob. Paul added a TwaüghtHammër sticker along the top rim.

Season 2[]

When Jesse Pinkman lost his aunt's house due to his parents' legal actions, Paul agreed to let Jesse crash for a couple nights. While his son eats carrots for lunch, Sara returns. Jesse must leave because Sara's parents are visiting the Tyree's small apartment for the weekend, though it is more likely that he was forced to kick Jesse out on Sara's orders ("Down").


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  • Paul is the only one of Jesse's friends to not be involved in Jesse's drug business.
  • External shots of the Tyree family home were filmed at the Aliso Nob Hill Condominiums located at 201 Aliso Dr SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108.