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Paul’s Monterey Inn is a restaurant and bar in Albuquerque New Mexico.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 3[]

Walt and Jesse stop here for a drink after work. Jesse shows Walt the blue meth he bought from Tomas Cantillo and the Rival Dealers, who had Tomas Kill Combo. He asked Walt for ricin, planning to have Wendy poison the dealers by slipping it into burgers next time she buys meth. Walt turns down the plan because they lost a simple turf war and killing them wouldn’t do any good at this point. Jesse says he’ll kill the dealers with or without Walt’s help. ("Half Measures")


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  • Paul’s Monterey Inn opened it’s doors in 1971.
  • In real life this place closed it’s doors in March 2015 and was demolished in April 2016 and replaced with Peter Piper Pizza.
    • Peter Pipers Pizza closed its doors in 2020 and was replaced by a chipotle.

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