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I'll tell you what this is about, Mr. Beneke: This is about you and me doing our best to keep Huell happy.
― Kuby threatening Ted Beneke.[src]

Patrick Kuby, known simply as Kuby, is one of Saul Goodman's former henchmen. He first worked with Skyler White and later worked as an accomplice of Saul's bodyguard, Huell Babineaux, who were referred to as Saul's "A-Team."



According to DEA agent Steven Gomez, Boston P.D. ran Kuby out of "Beantown." At some point prior to June 2004, he relocated to Albuquerque, joining the criminal underworld as a contact of Dr. Caldera.

Better Call Saul

Season 6

When decoded, Kuby's name can be seen in Caldera's little black book of criminal contacts. ("Axe and Grind")

Shortly after, Caldera sells the book to Saul Goodman, bringing Kuby into his orbit as a henchman. ("Breaking Bad")

Breaking Bad

Season 4

Kuby poses as a fake environmental auditor who forces Bogdan Wolynetz to sell his car wash to the Whites by having Skyler White feed him lines through an ear-piece during his meeting with him ("Open House").

Kuby appears again when he and Huell confront Ted Beneke at his house in order to force him into signing a check to the I.R.S. to prevent Skyler from being audited, as she previously helped him defraud the federal government and can't afford the backlash while she's operating Walter White's illegal front company (the car wash).

After intimidating Ted into signing the check, he explains that he'll mail the check and then keep him hostage for a few days until the check clears. But Kuby and Huell are surprised when Ted makes a sudden sprint for the door to escape, trips on an area rug and crashes head-first into the kitchen island, breaking his neck. Kuby and Huell believe Ted died, and flee the scene.

Kuby and Huell report to Saul's office, explaining what happened as an "act of God," and confirming that they at least mailed the check. Moments later Walter bursts into the office and – assuming he's heard about the incident with Ted – they try to hold him back. Saul realizes that Walter has no idea and then tells them to leave. ("Crawl Space")

Season 5

Skyler visits Ted in hospital, where he is recovering from his broken neck. He pledges to say nothing to the authorities about Skyler, Kuby or Huell out of fear for his family. ("Live Free or Die")

Kuby stalling the engineers while the others pull off the train robbery ("Dead Freight").

Later, Kuby helps Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, and Mike Ehrmantraut stop a train in the desert in order to steal from it 1,000 gallons of methylamine. While pretending that his truck has broken down the tracks and halting the train, Kuby asks the engineers to help start his truck back up again. Simultaneously, Walt, Jesse, and Todd begin siphoning methylamine and putting water back into the train, so that no change of weight would be detected. Kuby is able to keep the train engineers distracted for as long as he can before a "Good Samaritan" in another vehicle arrives on the scene, offering to help push the truck out of the way. The man pushes Kuby's truck off the tracks and clears the train's way, then offers to give Kuby a ride into town. Knowing he can stall no longer, he accepts. ("Dead Freight").

After Hank discovers Walt's true identity, Walt has Saul send Kuby and Huell to the storage unit in which Walt has stored his millions of dollars in drug profits. Kuby and Huell can't resist channeling Scrooge McDuck and lie down on the pile of cash. On the money pile, Huell suggests "Mexico," but Kuby points out that Walt had ten men killed in prison within a two-minute window. Kuby and Huell then pile the money into barrels, which they put in a van (a 2007 Chevrolet Express). Behind Saul's office, they hand the van over to Walt ("Buried").

Huell confirms to Walt that Kuby is keeping an eye on the carwash in case Jesse shows up there. Later, Kuby meets with Saul and Walt to report on his attempt to locate Jesse after the latter's aborted attempt to burn down the White Residence. Kuby tells them he has had no luck, and he's been spying on Badger and Skinny Pete, mentioning that they talked for 3 hours about "something called 'Babylon 5'". ("Rabid Dog")

Post-Breaking Bad

While on a phone call with Francesca Liddy, Saul asks after Kuby. However, Francesca doesn't know how he's doing, implying he escaped charges, and continues on as a free man. ("Breaking Bad")


Kuby: "I'll tell you what this is about Mr. Beneke. This is about you and me doing our best to keep Huell happy. This is Huell. Huell, you happy?"
Huell: "Reasonably."
Kuby: "What would make you unhappy."
Huell: "This little motherfucker not doing what he's told."
―Huell and Kuby attempting to collect a check from Ted Beneke.[src]

Kuby: "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph."
Huell: "I gotta do it, man."
Kuby: "What are you doing? Huell? Hey, quit screwing around. We are here to do a job, not channel Scrooge McDuck. You hearin' me?"
Huell: "I hear ya."
Kuby: "Ah, screw it."
Huell: "Mexico. All's I'm saying."
Kuby: "Guy hit 10 guys in jail within a 2-minute window. All's I'm saying."
―Huell and Kuby upon seeing the pile of money that Walt has instructed them to fill into barrels.[src]


  • In "To'hajiilee", Hank Schrader says to Steven Gomez about Patrick: "Boston P.D. ran him out of Beantown a few years back." This sentence can be interpreted in different ways: it's not clear if Patrick is a former Boston policeman or if he is a criminal who was chased out of the city.
    • The line also refers to Kuby's actor, comedian Bill Burr, is from the Boston area (it was also likely done to explain Kuby's noticeable Boston accent).
  • According to Breaking Bad casting director Sharon Bialy and creator Vince Gilligan, Bill Burr came in to meet with show's production staff after having been a fan of the first season. Burr was kept in mind for roles, before eventually being cast in the fourth season.
  • During an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, Bill Burr revealed that he would have appeared in Better Call Saul season 5, but that he had to decline because of the health of a loved one: "I was supposed to be on it, and unfortunately I had somebody who was dying, and I knew if I did it, I was going to miss. I had to visit him, I had to say goodbye. It sucked. The whole thing sucked. Because Vince Gilligan is the reason why I have an acting career." His role in "Dedicado a Max" was ultimately rewritten for the character Sobchak, played by Steven Ogg.
  • Patrick Kuby‘s first name is derived from Vince Gilligan’s brother and he also shares his first name with the son of Wendy.
  • Writer Thomas Schnauz confirmed in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter that Kuby "just disappeared" after the events of Breaking Bad, making him "one of those guys who gets away with it." This makes Kuby one of the only associates of Walt's Drug Empire confirmed to escape without significant repercussions, along with his partner Huell Babineaux.
  • Kuby is the only participant of the methylamine heist who is not either dead, or in Jesse's case, a wanted fugitive.


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