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The parking garage in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico was used several times by Walter White during his assassination attempts on Gustavo Fring.


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Season 4[]

Jesse Pinkman lures Gustavo Fring to the hospital after refusing to finish a batch of meth; after Gus parks his car in the parking garage, Walter rushes to the structure and plants a pipe bomb beneath Gus's vehicle. Walter hurries to a nearby roof and awaits Gus's return, carefully watching the car with a pair of binoculars. However, once Gus reappears, he hesitates before entering his car and instead examines the view from the parking structure before turning around and leaving. ("End Times") With his plan foiled, Walter hastily disarms and removes the bomb from Gus's car before fleeing the area. ("Face Off")

Following Gus's murder and the destruction of the superlab, Walter and Jesse meet atop the parking garage. Jesse confirms that Brock is recovering in the hospital, revealing that the poison had not been caused by ricin but had in fact been the result of berries from the Lily of the Valley plant. The pair reflect on the events that had transpired and Jesse leaves. Walter then receives a phone call from Skyler who, upon hearing about Gus's death on the news, questions Walter about his involvement in the ordeal. Walter remains silent before softly gloating, "I won," and hanging up. ("Face Off")


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