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Pamela’s Office is a Divorce Attorney Office.


Skyler meets Pamela Orbic when she and Walt start separating. Pamela advises Skyler that maintaining residence in the house will strengthen her position in a custody case. Skyler tells her that Walt is moving out of the house that day ("No Más"). Skyler discloses personal info about her marriage with Walt and that he has become a drug dealer. Pamela convinces her to sue the divorce but she’s reluctant, since she doesn’t want her son to know that his dad is a criminal ("I.F.T."). After finding signed divorce papers Skyler meets with Pamela again. She admits her affair with Ted Beneke and that she found Walt’s drug money. She warns her that the money will become an accessory and asks if she’s looking for permission to keep it if she doesn't leave Walt ("Más").


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