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Look, full disclosure— when you told us about the disciplinary hearing, I admit it I had concerns. So, just so you know, I had to do my due diligence. I read the transcripts. All of them. It was amazing. What you did to Charles— you and James set him up perfectly. You destroyed him! Oh, my God! I couldn't believe some of it. "I'm not crazy. It's 1216, - "one after Magna Carta." The Magna Carta? It was perfect. "You think this chicanery is bad?" Who talks like that?
― Paige compliments Kim on her work at Jimmy's bar disciplinary hearing.[src]

Paige Novick is the senior counsel for Mesa Verde Bank and Trust.


Background Information[]

Paige was friends with Kim Wexler in law school. She later became the senior council for Mesa Verde Bank and Trust.

Better Call Saul[]

Season 2[]

Paige returns Kim's phone call when she contacts Mesa Verde seeking them as clients for Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill (HHM). Howard Hamlin and Kim greet Paige and Mesa Verde's CEO, Kevin Wachtell, in the lobby of HHM. After a successful meeting, Kim offers to draw up a list of associates to assign to the case. ("Rebecca")

After Kim leaves HHM, she attempts to persuade Kevin and Paige to sign on Mesa Verde as her exclusive client. They initially agree, but are dissuaded by Howard and Chuck McGill after having a meeting with them. Paige and Kevin decide to stay with HHM. ("Fifi")

Paige and Kevin sit with Chuck and Howard before the New Mexico Banking Board, when confusion over the address of Mesa Verde's proposed branch breaks down the proceedings. Chuck refuses to believe it, in spite of the documents Paige and Kevin have brought with them proving that the address he submitted to the Banking Board is wrong. Paige later calls Kim to tell her that Mesa Verde is back in her hands. ("Nailed")

Season 3[]

Paige meets with Kim at Mesa Verde's headquarters and is very pleased with the rectified paperwork, as well as Kim's being able to move the next Banking Board hearing to an earlier date. She also positively compares Kim's professionalism to Chuck's behavior at the previous hearing. Paige agrees to let Kim keep the documents for one more night to finalize them. ("Mabel")

After a successful meeting with the Banking Board, Kim informs Paige and Kevin about Chuck's allegations that his brother, Jimmy McGill, forged the Mesa Verde files. ("Chicanery")

As Paige and Kim go to Paige's office for a meeting, Paige tells Kim she read the transcripts of Jimmy's disciplinary hearing and displays enthusiasm at the way Chuck lost it on the stand. Paige's enthusiasm, particularly at how Jimmy and Kim "destroyed" Chuck causes Kim to become obviously uncomfortable. As a result, when Paige is upset about the differing loan to deposit ratios between Arizona and Utah, Kim grows curt and unprofessional with Paige. Stunned, Paige quickly moves on, but Kim realizes her mistake and apologizes to Paige who is willing to let it go and move on. Kim quietly admits to Paige that she thinks that all she and Jimmy did with Chuck was tear a sick man down. The two women exchange a brief nod of acknowledgment then return to work on Mesa Verde's case. ("Expenses")

Season 4[]

During a meeting with Kim and Viola Goto, Paige discusses Mesa Verde’s pending purchases. When Kevin enters and greets Kim, offers condolences about Chuck, and asks how Jimmy’s coping with his death, she claims he’s getting through it. ("Something Beautiful")

Paige calls Kim to tell her an error has occurred in Viola’s paper work and she needs her immediately, but Kim refuses and hangs up. Later at Mesa Verde she reprimands Kim for hanging up on her and reminds her that she promised to only focus on Mesa Verde and Kim apologizes. ("Quite a Ride")

Later on, at Schweikart and Cokely, a bored Kim meets with Paige, Kevin, and one of Kim's associates. Kevin, noting that Mesa Verde's Tucumcari branch gets more foot traffic because of the building's "eye-catching" design, wants to use a similar design for their planned branch in Lubbock, Texas. However, Kim agrees with Paige that a proposed redesign is not feasible, given that it would require starting the months-long approval process over again. Kevin accepts their opinion, changing the topic to a proposed branch in Wyoming, bringing up Yellowstone as he does so. ("Coushatta")

Season 5[]

Paige meets Kim in Tucumcari in a big open area of a former neighborhood where only one house remains. The owner, Everett Acker refuses to sell his home, on which Mesa Verde plan to build a call center. Paige thinks Kim brought dispute to the end but Kim is not pleased with the situation. ("The Guy For This")

Paige attends a meeting with Kevin and Kim about the new Mesa Verde call center. Though Kim advocates moving the location due to Everett Acker, Paige successfully argues against this. ("Namaste")

Paige and Kevin attend a meeting with Kim and Rich at Schweikart & Cokely. Kim explains that Jimmy is trying to get Mesa Verde back to the negotiating table, and Rich suggest they follow her plan to build the call center somewhere else. ("Dedicado a Max")

Season 6[]

After Kim decides to withdraw as the public defender for one of her clients, she mentions that she has contacted Paige who has agreed to take the case as a replacement attorney. ("Fun and Games")


Better Call Saul[]

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