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Jimmy: "How about a drink? I know I could use one."
Omar: "No—"
Jimmy: "Come on, I'm buying."
Omar: "No, I'm good. Long drive"
Jimmy: "Cucumber water for the road?"
Omar: "I'm... I'm totally set. Thank you. Gotta get home to my kids. How about you? What are you gonna do now?"
Jimmy: "Onward and upward. Thanks, Omar. Drive safe."
―Omar says goodbye after helping Jimmy McGill move.[src]

Omar is an employee at Davis & Main.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 2[]

Omar introduces himself to Jimmy McGill when he starts working at Davis & Main as a new associate and tells him about everything that can be changed in his office, if it is not to his liking. ("Switch")

Omar is seen working at his desk. ("Cobbler")

Omar and Jimmy review response rates for their class action mailers. Out of the 283 mailers sent to the Sandpiper facility in Colorado Springs, Jimmy is irked to discover that they received zero responses. Later, Omar shows Jimmy an old commercial produced by the company. The lackluster commercial leaves Jimmy underwhelmed. ("Amarillo")

Omar shows concern for Jimmy after his meeting with the partners. ("Gloves Off")

Omar points Jimmy over to his office where Erin Brill is waiting for him. ("Rebecca")

Omar and Jimmy go through paperwork, where Erin oversees that Jimmy does everything correctly. ("Bali Ha'i")

Jimmy asks for Omar's help in writing a resignation letter but is warned that he will not be able to keep his bonus if he resigns from his job. After Jimmy gets fired for his intentionally disruptive behavior at the office, Omar helps Jimmy move his cocobolo desk, which he had requested for his job at Davis & Main, to his old office at the beauty salon where Jimmy used to reside before taking up the job at Davis & Main. ("Inflatable")

Season 3[]

When Jimmy is booked, photographed and fingerprinted, Bill Oakley asked him how's Omar doing and Jimmy replied with "Why? You looking to make a change?" and Oakley consecutively told him that he's leaving all the "glamour" behind. ("Sunk Costs")


Better Call Saul[]

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