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"Olive Oil" or Aceitón in Spanish, is a Mexican mechanic illegally travelling to the U.S.



Olive Oil frequented the same passage from Mexico to Texas multiple times, and was a mechanic by trade. He mentioned having painted cars for some of the biggest gangsters in Michoacán and earned his nickname from being able to paint complex colors that he called "slick". He also had a cousin who owned an auto repair shop, whom he was going to work for ("No Más").

Breaking Bad[]

Season 3[]

Olive Oil rode in the back of a people smuggling truck disguised as carrying hay bales along with 11 other undocumented passengers, including Marco and Leonel Salamanca. He attempted to make conversation with the two, first by telling them that he recognized they had officially crossed into Texas from the number of bumps in the road, and then by mentioning his upcoming job painting cars at his cousin's shop and his past organized crime clientele. However, the Cousins were unimpressed and merely didn't reply. Olive Oil then looked down and saw the Cousins' boots, to which he immediately recognized as them being affiliated with the Cartel. He quickly became quiet and sat back, but the cousins both looked at each other, knowing that Olive Oil was a risk. The two shot him along with the other 9 passengers and the driver of the truck. Marco then set the truck on fire, burning Olive Oil's body along with the other passengers. ("No Más")

The crime scene was later found by the authorities, and a photo of the passengers' charred bodies, Olive Oil included, was shown on a TV screen during a DEA meeting presided over by Hank Schrader. ("Caballo Sin Nombre")


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