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Nippy the dog
There never was a Nippy, was there?
Marion realizing the truth[src]

Nippy was a ficticious dog that "Gene Takavic" created as part of a scheme in November 2010.


In November 2010, an elderly woman named Marion rides her mobility scooter around a supermarket in Omaha, shopping for groceries. On her way home, her scooter becomes stuck in the snow. She attracts the attention of "Gene Takavic", who is stapling posters around the neighborhood looking for a supposed lost dog named Nippy. He offers to help Marion, deftly cutting the wiring of her scooter to ensure that he manually wheels her all the way home. Gene later tells her that the fictitious Nippy was found by a family living nearby. ("Nippy")

After Marion learned of Gene's true identity by entering "con man" and "Albuquerque" into a search engine and finding Saul Goodman commercials, she realizes that Nippy never existed and it was made up entirely by Saul. ("Waterworks")


  • If the phone number of Gene's Nippy poster (+1 402-342-9288) is called, an automated message from Gene will play and he lists off information about Nippy to anyone who may had found him. A recording of the entire message can be found here.
  • Nippy is one of 7 charters to have an episode named after it. The others are Saul Goodman, Max Arciniega, Nacho Varga, Rebecca Bois, Kim Wexler, and Marco Pasternak.