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What do you say... your .22... against my .45? Winner takes all.
― Neil challenging Jesse to a duel.[src]

Neil Kandy is the owner of Kandy Welding Co. which acts as a front for him and his partner, Casey, to perform illicit activities.


El Camino[]

Neil helped construct Jack Welker's makeshift meth lab, specifically he implemented the overhead rails which restrained Jesse Pinkman after his attempt to escape the compound. ("Granite State"). In flashbacks, Neil joins Kenny and Todd Alquist in tormenting the captive Jesse.

In the present, Neil and Casey visit Todd Alquist's apartment as fake police officers in search of his drug money stash, with Jesse doing the same. Jesse is then found by the two and deceived into giving himself up and is taken hostage. Ultimately, Jesse persuades Neil to give him a third of the money, stating that Neil would have to kill him and any other witnesses otherwise. As they leave, Jesse spots Neil getting into his Kandy Welding Co. truck and finally recognizes him, causing Neil to comment he'd wondered when Jesse would remember him.

After discovering that he needs $1,800 more to pay "the Disappearer," Jesse tracks down Neil and Casey who holds a party with their coworkers to celebrate their ill-gotten gains. Jesse asks Neil for the remaining money he needs, enraging Casey who Neil had lied to and said they'd split the money between themselves. Neil mocks Jesse's Colt Woodsman and offers up the location of his third of the money with Jesse doing the same, suggesting a Wild West-style duel to determine who would get the money. Jesse accepts and as Neil draws on him, shoots Neil several times with a second gun hidden in his jacket pocket, killing Neil. Casey responds by firing at Jesse, while Jesse engages him with the Colt Woodsman. Jesse drops his weapon and uses Neil's Kimber Ultra Raptor II to kill Casey. Jesse intimidates the leftover crew, retrieves the money, and blows up the building to cover up his tracks. ("El Camino")