Neff Copiers is a family-owned distributor of office photocopiers based out of Albuquerque. It was managed by Mr. Neff, with help from his assistant, Henry.


Season 4

Shortly after the suicide of his brother Chuck, Jimmy arranges a series of job interviews seeking employment until his law license is reinstated. The first of these interviews is at Neff Copiers, where Jimmy is applying for a position selling copy machines. Before the interview, Henry gives Jimmy a tour of Mr. Neff's office and goes over the history of the company. Jimmy notices a display case containing trophies and keepsakes, among which is a Hummel figurine which reminds him of his former client, Geraldine Strauss.

During the interview, Mr. Neff questions Jimmy's experience as a salesman and concludes the interview by letting Jimmy know that he will notify him shortly on if he got the job or not. However, Jimmy is unsatisfied and attempts to pitch Mr. Neff and Henry that he should get the job immediately. Both men are so impressed by the pitch that they give Jimmy the job, just to see Jimmy, angered that could be so easily swayed by his words, turn down the job and leave. That night, after making love to Kim, looks up the Hummel figurine on an online store, seeing that it fetches for over $8,000. He tries to contact Mike and leaves a voicemail message telling him about a potential job. ("Breathe")

The following day, Jimmy meets with Mike at Loyola's and proposes that he break into the store to swap the figurine with a near-identical knockoff Jimmy found at a pawn shop, with Jimmy and Mike splitting the illicit proceeds from selling Neff's figurine. To Jimmy's disappointment, Mike passes on the job. Jimmy then turns to Caldera, who puts him in touch with Ira. After nightfall, Ira sneaks into the store and manages to make the switch, only to find out that Mr. Neff is crashing in the office after getting thrown out of his house by his wife. Ira hides underneath Mr. Neff's desk as he drinks scotch, argues with his wife over the phone, and orders pizza and breadsticks. Eventually, Jimmy comes to the rescue by breaking into Mr. Neff's car and causing it to roll backward into the parking garage outside the store, distracting Mr. Neff long enough for Ira to leave the scene undetected. ("Something Beautiful")

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