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Narcotics Anonymous is a Rehab clinic designed to help people cope with drug addiction. It is here where Jesse meets Andrea Cantillo for the first time. Jesse also tries to take advantage of members by selling them meth. 


Breaking Bad[]

Season 3[]

Sometime after getting out of rehab Jesse starts coming to the group meetings. Badger and Skinny Pete attend the meetings to follow Jesse’s new business plan, tempted to sell meth to some group members.("Kafkaesque") When Jesse first meets Andrea at her first meeting she’s reluctant to be there. ("Abiquiu")

Season 4[]

Jesse decides to come to a meeting for the first time in weeks, still feeling guilty from killing Gale Boetticher. He (almost crying) tells his story saying he euthanized a problem dog (referring to Gale) as a disguise. He also confesses that the reason he’s there is to sell them meth. ("Problem Dog")


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