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"Namaste" is the fourth episode of the fifth season of Better Call Saul and the forty-fourth episode of the series altogether.



Jimmy enters a thrift shop and begins browsing for large, heavy objects. After handling a series of such objects, he finally comes across three bowling balls that he purchases for $75. Jimmy packs them in a duffel bag and leaves the store.

Act I

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After a drunkenly sleeping together the previous night, Jimmy and Kim struggle to wake up and engage in their morning routine. Whilst exiting Kim's apartment, they walk past the shattered bottles they threw over the balcony. Jimmy tells Kim that he has decided to finally take up Howard on his offer of lunch; Kim wants to spend the day "fixing" the day before. After Jimmy drives away, Kim sweeps up glass shards on the tarmac and calls in to one of the associates at Schweikart & Cokely, beginning to devise a plan to resolve the land dispute in Tucumcari involving Everett Acker.

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At the MDC, Jimmy informs Sticky and Ron that their bail has been denied. He negotiates plea deals for them, including rehab and five months in jail with community service, which the pair refuse. On the spot, Jimmy generates a total fee of $4,000 for the pair, which apparently includes his 50% off deal. At this, Sticky and Ron consider a "free" public defender instead. Jimmy feigns that he is a bigshot lawyer who they are lucky to have access to. When he gets up to leave, the duo panic and agree to his fee. Sticky promises to have his grandmother wire the money over to Jimmy.

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A visibly tense Jimmy meets with Howard at the Forque Kitchen and Bar for their lunch appointment. Howard questions Jimmy about using a new name to practice law, to which Jimmy replies that Saul Goodman protects "the little man" in a way that Jimmy McGill couldn't. Howard insists that the name-change is tied to Jimmy's history with HHM, seemingly expressing regret at not hiring Jimmy in the past. Jimmy is uncomfortable when Howard offers him a job, expressing doubt about how Cliff Main would feel about it. Howard insists that he has been thinking about the offer ever since Jimmy advocated for Kristy Esposito to get another chance through a scholarship. He asks that Jimmy consider the offer, and answer him when he is ready. Outside the restaurant, Howard awkwardly pulls in for a hug before driving away. The camera pans to show his license plate, which reads "NAMAST3".

Act II

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At S&C, Kim attends a meeting with Paige and Kevin concerning the Tucumcari dispute, and suggests that Mesa Verde move construction to another lot and allow Acker to continue living in his house. Paige expresses doubts, but Kim rebuts her with a PowerPoint presentation that she composed ahead of the meeting, trying to convince them that conditions at the alternative lot have become more favorable than Acker's land. Although Kim argues that Mesa Verde faces a "reputational risk" if they force Acker off his property, Kevin and Paige insist that the bank is lawfully entitled to the land. Paige tells Kevin that Acker will be out of his house and construction proceeding by the following Friday. Kim is disillusioned by the decision.

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Mike pulls up at Stacey's house to look after Kaylee, only to learn that Stacey has hired a sitter for the day. Mike offers to apologize for losing his temper at Kaylee, but Stacey says Kaylee has already forgotten about the incident. However, Stacey is worried that "something is going on" with Mike emotionally and tells him he cannot babysit Kaylee that night. A frustrated Mike walks away.


At the courthouse, Kim walks into a court hearing where Jimmy is arguing a robbery case. Jimmy cross-examines a witness who claims to be certain that the man sitting in the defendant's chair stole money from his cash register. However, Jimmy shocks the court when he reveals that his actual client—the defendant—is sitting at the back of the courtroom. Angered, the judge hastily adjourns the hearing and summons Jimmy to her chambers. Some time later, after the spectators have left, Jimmy meets Kim in the courtroom and tells her that the judge has been forced to grant a mistrial. Kim is impressed with Jimmy pulled off the win, asking him if he could do her a favor concerning her case in Tucumcari.


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As Los Pollos Hermanos is closing for the night, Gus waits by the phone and vents his anxiety by making Lyle clean the fryer. Meanwhile, Hank and Gomez lay in wait for the final dead drop and engage in humorous conservation about the origins of the word "culvert". A suspect approaches the drop and collects the money before attempting a getaway in his car. Hank drives through the culvert in an attempt to intercept the suspect. Hank's plan seems to have worked, but the suspect suddenly—leaving the drug money in the car—runs away on foot. The DEA agents continue to search the area to no avail. The suspect, one of Gus' subordinates, is escorted out of the area in an SUV by Victor. Gomez counts $700,000 from the drop, but Hank is dissatisfied with the fact that the big shot dealers are still out there. Gomez reminds him that three suspects are in custody and Krazy-8 is back on the streets as an informant. Despite his misgivings, Hank cheerfully addresses the DEA and APD officers who helped with the stake-out, inviting them to a bar to celebrate. After receiving word from Victor that everything went according to plan, Gus finally allows Lyle go home.

Act IV

In Tucumcari, Jimmy lets himself onto Acker's property and greets him at his front door, using a picture of "a man fucking a horse"—with the man representing Jimmy and the horse representing Mersa Verde—to persuade him to let Jimmy act as his lawyer. As he leaves the property, Jimmy calls a thankful Kim to report the development. That night, Jimmy drives his Suzuki to Howard's house. Donning gloves, he throws the bowling balls he purchased over Howard's gate. Two out of three successfully hit Howard's Jaguar, denting the hood and smashing the back windshield. Jimmy flees before a shocked Howard emerges at his balcony.

Mike is walking home and sees the same gangbangers who tried to attack him a few nights previously. As he walks by, they follow and begin to mug him. Although he tries to put up a fight, Mike is soon stabbed in the abdomen and blacks out. After an indeterminate amount of time, he wakes up in different clothes and in a new location. He emerges slowly from bed, still in pain and very confused about his new surroundings. The camera gives us an overview of Mike's location: a rural compound in Mexico.


  • The name of the episode is derived from the license plate of Howard's car, a 1998 Jaguar XJ8.
    • Furthermore, the term “Namaste” is a respectable greeting used in the Hindu culture. In this episode, Howard went out of his way to greet Jimmy in a respectful manner. Also near the end of the episode, Jimmy also greets Howard but in a derisive and disrespectful manner by hurling bowling balls at his car, damaging it.
  • This episode is the directorial debut of Gordon Smith who has worked as a writer since season 1 of Better Call Saul.
  • The broken glass from the beer bottles shattered at the end of "The Guy For This" is still on the ground until a guilt-ridden Kim cleans it up.
  • At the beginning of his lunch with Jimmy, Howard orders a "Sole", with no butter, and a side of steam vegetables. Just like Howard wants to hire Jimmy's "Saul", possibly without any of his colorful abilities.
  • Hank discusses the etymology of culvert; its actual origin is not known, with linguists suggesting connections to French couvert ("covered") or Dutch coul-vaart ("flow-journey") or Tamil kalveṭṭu ("carved stone").
  • During a conversation between Mike and Stacy, a license plate sometimes disappears from a woman’s car.
  • Jimmy destroying Howard's car with bowling balls is relatively similar to the scene in Más where Jesse destroys Walt's windshield with a large piece of cement.





  • Robert Sanchez as Harry Lipenstein
  • Diego Ward as Tough 4
  • Randy Gonzalez as Tough 5
  • Ivan Lee Holmes as Pedestrian / Courthouse Visitor
  • Michael E. Stogner as Juror

Featured Music

  • "Laventille Road March" by Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band (while Jimmy browses the thrift shop)
  • "Spirit of Birdland" (in the background while Jimmy and Howard have lunch)
  • "Diskhat 1" by Aphex Twins (while Jimmy prepares to throw bowling balls at Howard's car)

Memorable Quotes

Acker: "I don't need a lawyer! I don't want a lawyer, and nothing you can say is gonna change my mind! Now move your damn foot!"
Jimmy: "[takes out photo from pocket] Sir, if you would just... Please, just take a look at my proposal! Okay? Because I think you'll find it pretty persuasive!"
Acker: "I don't want it."
Jimmy: "Just look at it, sir! Just look at it. Look, what do you see?"
Acker: "[pause] A man... fucking a horse."
Jimmy: "Sir, I hate Mesa Verde. I hate them! Looking down at us from their glass tower, they think they can shit on whoever they want! And we just have to smile and say, "Thank you?!" Picture me as the man, and Mesa Verde as the horse. I'm the guy who'll do whatever it takes to stick it to them!"
―Jimmy convincing Mr. Acker to represent him against Mesa Verde.