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Quotes by Nacho[]

Nacho: "Who are you?"
Jimmy: "I’m James Morgan McGill, I’m a lawyer, I was trolling for business, ok, that’s the truth. Now you can find a Bible, I’ll swear on it. (...) I don’t know you. I don’t want to. This was a mistake. It’s my mistake. OK, I take full and complete responsibility, but I don’t know any of your names and I got a bad case of face blindness, you let us go we’re gonna forget this happened."
Tuco: "He said he was FBI. He admitted it."
Nacho: "You had his wire cutters on him, he would have said anything. You really see the FBI hiring those two flaquitos?"
Tuco: "Maybe."
Nacho: "Croaking a lawyer for no reason is bad business. He goes away someone’s gonna come look for him."
Tuco: "They walked into my house. They disrespected my Abuelita. They called her “biznatch”! And they just walk? Huh?!"
Nacho: "What about the lawyer? He’s giving respect."
Tuco: "James M. McGill. “A lawyer you can trust.” I know how to find you, James McGill. Understand what I’m saying?"
Jimmy: "Yeah."
―Nacho's conversation with Jimmy McGill and Tuco Salamanca over whether or not to let Jimmy and the skateboarder twins go.[src]

Jimmy: "Um, um, they're calling the FBI in on this, which makes it federal. That's a bad thing, Nacho. [silence] That's - that's very bad, but if you tell me where the family is, if you give them up now, full cooperation, deep remorse, I feel very good about knocking your sentence down to the minimum, 18 years. [silence] They take this good behavior thing very seriously, so start here, right here. Tell me the family is okay. Tell me the kids are okay. [silence] You want to tell me your thoughts and weigh in? Does this sound like a plan that you can get behind?"
Nacho: "You miserable piece of shit. You set me up."
―Jimmy and Nacho in conference.[src]

Nacho: "The cops are out there right now, poking into my business, and if they find something on me or my partners, for real, it’s gonna be bad for you – really bad."
Jimmy: "Bad? Bad as in?"
Nacho: "You get me out of here today... or you’re a dead man."
―Nacho threatening Jimmy.[src]

"Yeah, I'd cut the cute attitude right about now if I were you. You ratted on me. There will be consequences."
―Nacho continues his bluster against Jimmy[src]

Nacho: "I'll make sure the boys at the chop shop are real gentle with her."
Daniel: "Wait...w-why? No..."
Nacho: "Do you think I'd be caught dead driving that thing? Looks like a school bus for six year old pimps."
―Nacho to Daniel Wormald after trading the baseball cards for the latter's Hummer[src]

"We got hit the other day. A truck headed south got hijacked. Someone stole a quarter of a million. Now Hector's flippin' out, lookin' for who did it. Thing is... I think it was you. They left the driver hog-tied, not a mark on him. Anyone in the game woulda capped him without a second thought. But this driver? He's still breathin'. I thought to myself, who's the guy who'll rip off a couple hundred thousand in drug money and leave a witness? Who's the guy ‭who won't pull the trigger? You. I'm not here to squeeze you. You wanna rip off the cartel, that's your business. But here's the thing. I'm picking up that driver, Hector's orders. We're gonna see what he knows, and if he knows you, that's bad for both of us."
―Nacho relaying the situation with Hector's mule to Mike.[src]

Lalo: "Oh! Hey! You're here. Right on time. Hold on one second. Wait. You are going to love this. I made this just for you. Never in your life have you tasted something so delicious, it's true. Wait... you're gonna die."
Nacho: "No, thank you."
Lalo: "Smell it! You can't say no, are you crazy? I used epazote. Come on! (Nacho does not flinch.) Very well. You're not hungry, that's your problem. This is a special recipe, a family secret."
Nacho: "The Salamanca family?"
Lalo: "Them! I am Eduardo, but you can call me Lalo. And you must be Varga, no? They told me you were smart. And look, here you are, and you are."
Nacho: "What are you doing here?"
Lalo: "Ah, I'm just here to lend a helping hand. You know, make sure the business is running in order. I got... I got a good head for numbers. But listen, don't even worry, it's gonna be like I'm not even here."
―Nacho meets Lalo Salamanca (mixed English and Spanish conversation).[src]

Jimmy: "Who exactly did I just set up?!"
Nacho: "You don't wanna know."
Jimmy: "I mean, if there's gonna be blowback, I don't wanna be in the middle of it!"
Nacho: "It's not about what you want. When you're in... you're in."
―Jimmy worrying to Nacho about the mess he's gotten himself into.[src]

Nacho: "I'm not telling you shit until we talk about my dad!"
Mike: "What you tell me and when you say it is not up to you."
Nacho: "Listen. You said when Lalo's out of the picture, we'll talk about my father, right? Well, he's out of the picture!"
Mike: "...Say your piece."
Nacho: "I'm done! I want out."
Mike: "And you want me to square it with Fring?"
Nacho: "Fring's not all of it. It's the cartel. I disappear, they're gonna go after my father. He's gotta come with me. But no matter what I say with him, it's the cops or nothing."
Mike: "The cops won't solve this."
Nacho: "[pause] You got a way?"
Mike: "Hm. What are you holding out?"
Nacho: "Lalo called me from inside. He put me back in charge."
Mike: "And?"
Nacho: "And... he wants me to burn down Los Pollos Hermanos."
Mike: "[pause] Then, he's not out of the picture, is he?"
―Nacho confessing to Mike that Lalo is still in the game despite his incarceration.[src]

"What do I want? Respect. I want to make my own decisions, go my own way. I don't want anyone to even think of playing me. And I don't want to be looking over my shoulder."
―Nacho explaining to Eladio Vuente what he wants[src]

Manuel: "A-to-Z Fine Upholstery. Hello?"
Nacho: "Dad. It's me."
Manuel: "Nacho?"
Nacho: "Si, Papa. Hola."
Manuel: "Hola, hijo. How are you?"
Nacho: "Good, good. Um... just wanted to hear your voice."
Manuel: "Nacho, where are you? You sound strange."
Nacho: "It's not important.... I was just checking in, that's all."
Manuel: "Okay. Hijo, I have lots of work to do. We've been through this, so many times. You know what you have to do... go to the police."
Nacho: "Yes, Papa. I understand... I hear you."
Manuel: "What else is there to say? Hmm? Goodbye, hijo."
Nacho: "Goodbye, Papa."
―Nacho calling his father for the last time, while on the run[src]

Nacho: "It's me."
Mike: "Yeah."
Nacho: "You knew. You knew that I was going to Mexico to die, that I was never supposed to make it out of that motel. And you let it happen."
Mike: "Not my call."
Nacho: "What happens now?"
Mike: "That's up to you."
Nacho: "Is that bastard with you? Put him on."
Mike: "Hmm. [to Gus] He wants to talk to you."
Gus: "[takes cell phone from Mike; to Nacho] Yes."
Nacho: "You are screwed. You want the cartel to blame me for Lalo. But if they catch me, and make me talk? Ooh... That is not good for you, is it? Even if I disappear, everyone's gonna smell your stink all over it. The only way that this works for you is with me dead. Alright. Whatever bullshit way you want the story to go, I will make it go. But... I need one thing."
Gus: "Yes?"
Nacho: "My dad. I need to know that he will be safe."
Gus: "If you are true to your word, there will be no reason for anyone to harm your father."
Nacho: "You are not the one that I need to hear it from."
Mike: "Your dad's gonna be okay."
Nacho: "How do you know?"
Mike: "Because anyone who goes after him is gonna have to come through me."
―Nacho calls Mike at an auto repair shop in Mexico while on the run from the Salamancas[src]

"Him? You think the... chicken man? Heh. What a joke. Alvarez has been paying me for years; years. But you know what? I would have done it for free. Because I hate every last one of you psycho sacks of shit. I opened Lalo's gate, and I would do it again. And I'm glad what they did to him. He's a soulless pig, and I wished I'd killed him with my own hands. And you know what else, Hector? I put you in that chair. Oh, yeah. Your heart meds? I switched them for sugar pills. You were dead and buried, and I had to watch this asshole bring you back. So when you are sitting in your shitty nursing home and you're sucking down on your Jell-O night after night for the rest of your life, you think of me, you twisted fuck.''"
―Nacho's gleeful confession before his suicide[src]

Quotes about Nacho[]

Eladio: "And that rat, Varga. What did he say before he died?"
Juan: "He said he was in the pay of the Peruvians, Los Odios. We know he took their money, we found bank statements."
―Eladio and Juan Bolsa about Nacho[src]