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This article is about Walter White's mother. For Walter White's wife, see Skyler White.

Walter White's mother lives somewhere far enough away from Albuquerque as to justify having to fly to visit. Walt's wife, Skyler did not get along with her mother-in-law.


Season 1[]

Skyler repeatedly asked Walt to tell his mother about his lung cancer diagnosis. ("Cancer Man")

Season 2[]

Walt pretended to go and visit his mother for four days, but instead used the time to go and cook meth in the desert with Jesse. ("4 Days Out")

After growing suspicious about Walt's behavior, Skyler called his mother to see if he'd been getting money to pay for his treatment from her and found out that Walt had not told her that he had cancer, nor had he been to visit her. ("ABQ")

Season 4[]

While talking about his father, Walter said how his mother was terrified that he might suffer from Huntington's disease too and got him tested. When his father was dying, Walt's mother would take him to the hospital to visit and try to keep a positive attitude. After his father's death, his mother would continue to tell Walt many stories about him. ("Salud")


  • She is never mentioned to have died during the series, so chances are she outlived her son.