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Mr. Neff is the owner of Neff Copiers.


Season 4[]

Mr. Neff and his assistant, Henry, interview Jimmy for a job selling his company's copy machines. He questions Jimmy's experience as a salesman and concludes the interview by letting Jimmy know that he will notify him shortly on if he got the job or not. However, Jimmy is unsatisfied and attempts to pitch Mr. Neff that he should get the job immediately. Mr. Neff is so impressed by the pitch that he gives Jimmy the job, just to see Jimmy, angered with his naiveness, turn it down right in his face. ("Breathe")

Jimmy, having noticed a Hummel figurine in Mr. Neff's office, searches an online store and discovers it is worth over $8,000. He hatches a plan to break into the office, swap the figurine with a near-identical knockoff, and sell the original. After Mike passes on the plan, Jimmy enlists Ira. However, after Ira sneaks into the office and makes the swap, he finds that Mr. Neff is crashing in the office for the night after his wife has thrown him out for giving her a vacuum cleaner as a romantic gift. Ira hides under the desk as Mr. Neff drinks scotch, argues with his wife over the phone, and orders pizza and dipping sticks. Eventually, Jimmy comes to the rescue by breaking into Mr. Neff's car and causing it to roll backward into the parking garage outside the store, distracting Mr. Neff long enough for Ira to leave the scene undetected.("Something Beautiful")


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