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Mouse is a drug dealer working for Krazy-8 and the Cartel.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 5[]

When two tweakers arrive at the Fifth Street Apartment to buy cocaine, Arlo collects the money while Mouse sends the packets through a gutter. When Lalo and Nacho arrive to inspect the cocaine, Mouse only lets them in when Nacho says it's safe to do so. Wary of Lalo, Mouse only tells him at Nacho's urging where the cocaine is kept. ("Magic Man")

When Ron and Sticky buy ten packets of cocaine in one go, Mouse sends it to them but it gets stuck in the gutter. When the police arrive at the apartment as Krazy-8 tries to get the cocaine, Mouse flees and meets with Lalo, Arlo, and Nacho down the road at Lalo's car. As they watch the police prepare to raid the apartment, Mouse breaks the news to Lalo that she had to leave behind the cocaine. ("50% Off")


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