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The Motel Survellance Man was hired by Gus to keep an eye on Nacho at the Motel Ocotillo.


Season 6[]

After a few days of staying at the motel, Nacho monitors the small building across from his room when he is again left with food by the manager. Just as he opens his door, Nacho sees movement behind the boarded-up window of the building. He collects the food outside his room in a casual manner, in full view of the people watching him, but throws it in anger once he goes back inside. Nacho considers dialing Tyrus, but instead opts to escape the room by kicking out the air conditioning unit in the rear window.

Nacho sneaks into the small building, where he finds the Motel Surveillance Man keeping an eye on the motel room. Nacho forces the man to surrender his gun and demands to know who he works for; the man claims to not know, and says that he is just paid to take note of Nacho's comings and goings. Holding the man at gunpoint, Nacho dials his phone to Tyrus, tells him that he is about to flee the motel, hangs up, then turns off the phone. The man's own cell phone then receives a call, causing Nacho to realize that Gus has double-crossed him. Instead of shooting the man, Nacho knocks him out. ("Carrot and Stick")


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