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Motel Ocotillo is a motel in Chihuahua, Mexico, which served as the hideout for Nacho in the aftermath of the attack on Lalo's compound.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 6[]

On the night following the attack on Lalo's compound, a fleeing Nacho arrives at the Motel Ocotillo, which has apparently been arranged as a hideout by men working for Gus. Inside the office, Nacho finds a woman in a rocking chair who is watching Casados con hijos on television. Unphased by Nacho's arrival, the woman gets up and hands him a room key, no questions asked. Nacho finds into his room, which has spartan furnishings. He finds a manila envelope on the bed which contains a handgun, extra clips, and bundles of Mexican currency. Nacho calls Tyrus, who instructs him to stay inside the motel for two days before he is rescued by a farm truck. Tyrus also says that Don Eladio has put a price on Nacho's head. Nacho is left anxiously monitoring the parking lot outside through the window to his room. ("Wine and Roses")

The following morning, Nacho hears footsteps outside his door. Paranoid, he hides for cover and aims his gun at the door. After a quick knock and the footsteps walking away, Nacho opens the door to find a neat tray of food placed outside. Nacho takes the tray before retreating back into the motel room. Looking outside the window, Nacho becomes supicious of a shed nearby the motel -- in particular a boarded-up window with a small peephole -- which has a great viewpoint of his room.

Uneasy about the shed outside, Nacho escapes his room by kicking out the air conditioning unit in its rear window. He circles around the motel and into the shed, where he finds a man peeking through the peephole, obviously spying on Nacho. After Nacho asks who he works for, the man says he doesn't know, and that he was just hired. Nacho calls Tyrus, asking to leave the motel, but abruptly hangs up. After a few seconds, the man gets a call on his phone, confirming that he was working for Gus and Tyrus. Nacho knocks out the man in retaliation.

After Juan Bolsa finds out where Nacho is hiding out at, The Cousins arrive at the motel. Nacho hides in a truck, but is found by The Cousins' men; a shootout ensues. The Cousins stop their men from killing Nacho, saying that they need him alive. Nacho hotwires the truck and narrowly escapes the motel, almost running over The Cousins in the process. ("Carrot and Stick")


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