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Mexican Rural Compound is somewhere in the Mexican border.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 5[]

Mike Ehrmantraut wakes up here after being stabbed by some gangbangers. ("Namaste")

He’s confused and doesn’t know where he is so he goes into the kitchen and asks the Cook where he is. Mike leaves the property and wanders down a dirt road and stops and sits next to a road marker. He then realizes his phone is dead. Dr. Barry Goodman pulls up in a microcar and approaches him and states that Gus has tasked him to keep Mike alive. Mike reluctantly lets Barry take him back. Back at the compound Barry stitches Mike’s wounds. He tells Mike that he’s free to go back to Albuquerque by bus in a nearby town but he wouldn’t survive the trip unless he’s completely recovered. While exploring the compound Mike encounters some school children running by a fountain with a plaque dedicating to Max Arciniega. Later Mike helps Señora Cortazar fix a window to avoid leaks in a rainstorm. Just as Mike is finishing fixing the window he hears Gus talking to the cook in Spanish in the other room. When he walks outside he sees Gus by the fountain. He tells him that he doesn’t want señora to know about their crimes, preferring to keep them as far away from the compound as possible. ("Dedicado a Max")


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  • In real life, this is a museum of a historic Spanish village.

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