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Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) is the main jail serving Bernalillo County, New Mexico.


Better Call Saul[]

Jimmy McGill spent the night at MDC after being arrested for breaking and entering into his brother Chuck's house. Later he claims to have met former clients while behind bars. He is released after posting $2500 bail set by the judge the next day. ("Sunk Costs")

Lalo Salamanca was incarcerated at MDC after his arrest for the murder at TravelWire. ("Wexler v. Goodman") He is later set free after he is bailed out for 7 million dollars. ("Bad Choice Road")

Breaking Bad[]

Jack Welker's Gang had several members incarcerated at MDC, both inmates and staff. ("Gliding Over All")

After the fall of Gus' drug empire, several of his known associates are apprehended. Dennis Markowski, manager of Lavandería Brillante, the laundromat which housed the secret underground Superlab, is arrested and housed at MDC, seemingly without bail. Hank Schrader pays him a visit, and attempts to break a deal with Dennis for lesser charges in exchange for revealing more names, but he and his lawyer refuse. ("Hazard Pay")

Mike Ehrmantraut, MDC room

Later, Dan Wachsberger and his "paralegal" Mike Ehrmantraut (who assumes an alias while entering the facility) come and inform Dennis to discuss his hazard pay. Dan appears to be familiar with Darla, a police officer who works security at the facility. Dennis voices his concerns but promises Mike that he will keep his mouth shut and serve his probable eight years in prison. Mike in turn promises to recoup Dennis' lost funds from Gus' Drug Empire. ("Hazard Pay")

After he was arrested for his involvement in the Gus' drug empire, Dan Wachsberger is shanked to death by several members of Jack's gang. ("Gliding Over All")

Notable inmates[]


  • Jailhouse, Regional Correctional Center, 415 Roma St. NW (seen in "Hazard Pay")