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Walter Blanco, also known by his clandestine pseudonym and business moniker Jaisenber and also frequently referred to as Señor Blanco, is an Colombian former chemistry teacher and major narcotics distributor from Bogotá, whose drug empire became the largest meth operation in South American history, surpassing both Gustavo Cortés' drug empire and the Cartel's. Before entering the drug trade, Walter was a respected chemist and scientist who later worked as an overqualified high school chemistry teacher at Colegio Los Monarcas institute alongside working at a local car wash to financially support his family (his wife Cielo, son Walter Jr, and infant daughter Valentina). After being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, Walter started manufacturing chemically pure crystal methamphetamine to provide for his family upon his death. Knowing nothing about the drug trade, Walter enlisted the aid of his former student, José Miguel Rosas, to sell the meth he produced.

Walter's scientific knowledge and dedication to quality lead him to produce crystal meth that is purer and more potent than any competitors'. To avoid the tedious collection of pseudoephedrine required for production, Walter devises an alternative chemical process utilizing methylamine, giving his product a distinctive blue color. His crystal meth dominates the market, leading to confrontations with established drug makers and dealers. Although Walter and José began as amateur small-time meth cooks, manufacturing the drug out of a stolen school bus in the jungle-covered outskirts of Bogotá, and being met with very limited success, Walter and José soon climbed up the drug hierarchy, killing or systematically destroying anyone who impeded them. Because of his drug-related activities, Walter eventually finds himself at odds with his family, the Antinarcotics brigade of the Colombian national police through his brother-in-law and accomplished antinarcotics agent Henry Navarro, the local gangs, and the Mexican drug cartels (including their regional distributors), putting him and his family's lives at risk.

Walter adopted the clandestine pseudonym and business moniker "Jaisenber" (a Hispanicized version of theoretical physicist Werner Karl Heisenberg's surname) as an alias as he immersed himself in the drug trade. While initially heavily reluctant to use violence, Walter gradually came to see it as a necessity, and eventually developed into a ruthless drug lord motivated largely by vanity, ego, and greed. He also comes to find his new status as a drug lord psychologically rewarding, leading him to become increasingly willing to resort to criminal acts such as theft, extortion, money laundering, depraved indifference, and murder. He employs a number of enforcers, and has personally killed both rivals and allies. Walter's descent into the criminal underworld unearthed immense levels of deeply repressed ambition, rage, resentment, vanity, and an increasing ruthlessness. Walter soon worked his way up to the international level in the drug trade, becoming a famous and feared drug kingpin. By the time he retired from the drug business permanently, Walter had accumulated over $300 billion Colombian pesos from his involvement in the drug trade.

Warning, the following may contain spoilers.
Born in 1964, Walter studied at chemistry during the late 1980s, where he proved himself a brilliant chemist with a specialty in X-ray crystallography. Following his education, Walter went on to co-found the company "Tecnologías Materia Gris" (from Spanish, Grey Matter Technologies) with his friend Edgar Negro and then-girlfriend Marcela Negro, but he left both Gray Matter and Marcela soon after and sold his stake in the company, while Marcela and Edgar married and then went on to propel Tecnologías Materia Gris to becoming a multi-billion dollar business. Walter was never credited for his early work in the company, and resented them for it for years after. Walter eventually took up two jobs as both a high school chemistry at Colegio Las Monarcas teacher and a car wash employee in order to stay financially afloat. In 2014, though, he was diagnosed with lung cancer, and, fearing the idea of dying without leaving any money to his family, Walt began to search for other means of making money.

After joining Henry and his longtime antinarcotics police partner Gómez on a drug bust and hearing from Henry about the lucrative profits that drug manufacturing and dealing could produce, Walter decided to use his knowledge of chemistry to become involved in the drug trade as a chemist and manufacturer in order to settle his financial woes and leave money behind for his family. Knowing nothing about the drug trade, he enlisted the aid of his former high school student José Miguel Rosas to help manufacture and, more importantly, sell his meth. Walter, by means of a P2P cook utilizing methylamine, produced methamphetamine of unrivaled chemical purity and a distinctive blue color which instantly began to dominate the market thanks to its potency. At José's request, Walt hired Saúl Bueno as their lawyer. At the beginning of their new career in the drug trade, Walter and José made mere thousands of dollars through street dealing, and were constantly met with failure. Following multiple tense, deadly partnerships with distributors Tuco Salamanca and Gustavo Cortés that ended in their respective deaths, however, and with the help of José, Saúl, Gustavo's former enforcer Mario Arboleda, and international distributor Lidia Barrera, Walter eventually became the head of his own drug empire: the largest methamphetamine manufacturing operation in South American, branching as far as Eastern Europe, and enlisting Skyler to help him launder the profits.

After accumulating over $300 billion Colombian pesos from his involvement in the drug trade, and following a resurgence in his lung cancer, Walter retired from the drug business permanently. However, shortly after, Henry accidentally stumbled upon a vital clue (a William Blake poems compilation signed by his former drug associate Guido Bermúdez) that led him to the realization that his own brother-in-law was in fact the famed drug kingpin that he had been chasing for a year: Jaisenber. Though Walter attempted to blackmail Henry by threatening to paint Henry as Jaisenber and himself as a victim, Henry was able to corner Walter with help from José, who finally betrayed Walter after learning the devastating revelation from Saúl that Walter had poisoned Byron, the son of his ex-girlfriend Andrea. Walter fell into a trap when José falsely threatened to burn his accumulated fortune, and Henry and Gómez finally arrested him. At the last minute, though, one of Walter's former associates, Joaquín appeared with his gang, Walter having called them to come save him from José, who Walter had thought was alone and about to kill him, just minutes earlier. Walter pleaded with Joaquín to not enrage in a shootout with Henry and Gómez, but could not stop him, and, following a large shootout, Gómez was killed and Henry was executed by Joaquín despite Walter's pleas to Joaquín to spare Henry's life. Walter had his entire fortune stolen by the gang, save for one barrel of money that Joaquín left him. Seething, with the rewards of all his drug efforts stolen and his brother-in-law dead, Walter betrayed José to Joaquín, who, at Peto (Joaquín's nephew)'s request, took José as a slave to cook meth for him and his gang, after Walter admitted to José that he witnessed Juana Maldonado (his deceased girlfriend)'s death and chose not to save her.

Walter returned home and attempted to escape with his family, but Cielo and Walter Jr. resisted him, and, desperate, Walter left them, briefly kidnapping Valentina (he later had her returned), and berating Cielo in a police-tapped phone call in an attempt to paint her as a victim and absolve her of any criminal guilt or suspicions. With his whole family and most law enforcement now against him (having become the target of a nationwide manhunt), though, Walter went into hiding in rural Colombia, near the Venezuelan border, under the fake identity of "Ricardo", with the help of Saúl's disappearer, Edward, and remained in hiding for almost a year. Eventually, Walter returned to Bogotá to both say farewell to Cielo and to give her the coordinates to Henry and Goméz's undiscovered bodies so that she could strike a deal in court and get their family's life back, to settle an old dispute, and to ensure his family's financial security once and for all. Walt erwent on to confront and then massacre Joaquín's entire gang, executing Joaquín in the same way that Joaquín did Henry, getting revenge for the murders of both Henry and Gómez, and also poisoned Lidia with ricin, which later killed her. In doing so, Walter set José free from his slavery, and quietly succumbed to a ricocheted bullet wound he sustained in the massacre on the floor of a meth lab, having finally resolved many of the problems he had caused.

Background information[]

Walter Blanco was born on 4 June 1964. When Walter was young, his father's health rapidly deteriorated upon developing Huntington’s disease, and all the good memories that friends and family tried to implant in the boy’s head never supplanted the terrifying memory of visiting his father in the hospital just before his death. He recalled being tested for Huntington's disease as a child as well as working in a cardboard box factory as a teenager whilst in high school. He presumably grew up somewhere other than Bogotá given the fact that he would have to fly to visit his mother.

Walter studied chemistry with his best friend Edgar Negro, where he proved himself a brilliant chemist with a specialty in X-ray crystallography. Following his education, Walter went on to co-found Tecnologías Materia Gris (from Spanish, Grey Matter Technologies) with Edgar. At this time, he was dating his female lab assistant, Marcela. Though the two were briefly engaged, Walter abruptly left her without explanation after meeting her family, unable to cope with the feelings of inferiority their wealth and success stirred up in him. Soon after, Walter sold his share of the company to Edgar for a measly 23 million Colombian pesos. Marcela eventually went on to marry Edgar, and Tecnologías Materia Gris became a highly successful, multi-billion dollar company. Walter would come to feel that the fruits of his hard labor had been stolen from him and bitterly blamed Edgar and Marcela for his financial problems and overall lot in life, despite the fact it was his own decision to leave. Walter refused to acknowledge his own failures for leaving Tecnologías Materia Gris and regretted his decision of leaving and selling out, which would later become a contributing factor in his decision to build a meth empire

By the late 1990s, Walter worked in a chemical lab where he met his wife Cielo, who worked as a hostess in a neighboring restaurant. He moved to Bogotá due to work-related reasons just prior to his firstborn's birth. In Bogotá, he and his wife settled into a home at Calle 21, #201, in Bogotá despite his desire for a larger house in light of recent business success.

Walter eventually went on to become a chemistry teacher at Colegio Los Monarcas where his son, Walter Jr., also attended as a student. At some point, he became the Chair of the Science Department as well. Financially, this job was not enough to support his family, so Cielo did side work writing short stories and selling items on the internet. When Cielo became pregnant with their second child, however, Walter took on a degrading second job at a local car wash.


Season 1[]

On the 5th of June of 2014—the day after his 50th birthday—Walter passed out while working at the car wash. He was then reluctantly rushed to the hospital via ambulance where he was eventually diagnosed with stage-three terminal lung cancer and given less than two years left to live. This grim prognosis caused a dramatic change in Walt's usually mild-mannered demeanor, and he decided that he must take extreme measures to provide for his family's long-term financial security.

After being invited by his antinarcotics police agent brother-in-law, Henry Navarro, to accompany him on a live raid on a methamphetamine lab, Walter has an encounter with one of his former students, José Miguel Rosas, whom he finds out is a meth dealer and manufacturer. Walter, who has decided to enter the illegal drug trade to develop a sufficient inheritance for his family before he succumbs to his cancer, blackmails José into helping him enter the meth manufacturing business. Operating out of a stolen school bus parked at a national park located just outside Bogotá, Walter uses his chemistry knowledge to cook remarkably pure and potent methamphetamine.

The two attempt to sell their product to a drug distributor, Domingo Molina, known as "el Loco", and his cousin and drug dealer Emilio Molina, but they come to believe that Walter is an undercover cop and attempt to kill him. After fruitlessly offering them the recipe for his crystal meth, Walter gasses his assailants with phosphine gas and leaves them to suffocate in the bus before driving away with an injured José in tow. When the bus breaks down on a desolate highway, Walter climbs out of the bus and records a video of himself, sending a farewell message to his family, and stating to the authorities that the video was "not an admission." With sirens heard in the distance, Walter picks up Loco's gun and awaits the incoming approach of emergency services. Back at the Blanco Residence, Walter's first attempt at selling meth leaves him exhausted. He meets Cielo's troubled queries with atypical sexual aggression which leaves her somewhat stunned.

Walter and José soon discover that Loco is still alive. José finds that Loco has escaped from the bus, and Walter finds him roaming the neighborhood. Loco runs into a tree at the sight of Walter, which allows Walt to carry him to his car with the help of an unknowing passerby, with Walter telling him that Loco is his nephew and is currently under a drug-induced trip. Walt and Jesse restrain Krazy-8 in Jesse's basement with a bike lock. After a coin flip, Jesse is tasked with disposing of Emilio's body, and Walt with killing the other, a prospect that sickens him. Ignoring Walt's instructions on using a specific plastic container, Jesse dissolves the dead body in a bathtub of hydrofluoric acid, but the acid eats through the tub and the floor beneath it, spilling dissolved entrails into the living room.

Walter feels conflicted about killing Loco. Unable to bring himself to kill him, Walter began providing food and a latrine to his prisoner, whom he has taken on as a confidant, fervently searching for any excuse to spare his life. Walter passes out briefly while delivering food to Loco, breaking a plate. Awakening later, and following a conversation with Loco, Walter picks up the broken plate and goes to get the key to set Loco free. However, while upstairs, Walter has a sudden realization that there is a large, sharp piece of the plate missing, which he tragically realizes Loco must have picked up and hid on his person while Walter was passed out. Realizing that Loco intends to kill him the second he sets him free, Walter reluctantly decides that he has no choice but to kill him, which he does by pulling back on the bike lock around his neck holding him in place until he chokes to death. Walter, deeply disturbed by the ordeal, breaks his ties with José.

At a dinner party with his family, Walter finally reveals he has lung cancer, having first told Cielo about his condition sometime before. They implore him to consult specialists and undergo chemotherapy. At first adamant to decide his own fate, to die honorably instead of suffering the indignities of chemotherapy side-effects, Walt finally agrees to receive treatment. Walt later crosses paths with an obnoxious businessman, whose car he later destroyed.

Walter and Cielo go to the birthday party of Edgar Negro, an old friend of Walter's and a fellow co-founder of Tecnologías Materia Gris, with his wife Marcela Negro, who is also Walter's ex-girlfriend. Edgar tells other guests at the party about Walter's contributions in the forming of Tecnologías Materia Gris. Walter and Edgar later chat about the old days and is offered a job in the company, to which Walter declines. Edgar reveals that he knows about Walter's cancer, and states that the job offers a good life insurance. After leaving the party, Walt grows angry at Cielo for asking for charity from Edgar and Marcela. After a tense discussion about Walt's decision to do chemotherapy, Walter finally accepts.

Walter is offered financial assistance from his brother-in-law, Henry, and from Marcela and Edgar, but turns down both offers. Instead, Walt decides to return to producing meth and to pay for the treatments himself as both a matter of pride and a chance to feel accomplished, while telling his family that the money he earns is actually from Marcela and Edgar. José, unable to replicate Walt's recipe, accepts Walt's partnership once again.

The two agree to their clearly defined roles: José as the salesman and Walt as the cook. Parallel to this, Walter has his first session of chemotherapy, using the money that was obtained from his drug trafficking. As a result of the chemotherapy, Walter begins to suffer nausea as a side effect. José learns that Walter has lung cancer and, realizing his goals of helping his family after his death, develops a certain respect for him. Jesse goes out to sell the product (and smoke some of it), but Walt is disappointed with the results. Walt goes on to state that they need a distributor to move their product in wholesale. José later discovers that his good friend known as "Tripaseca" (meaning "dry gut" in Spanish) had met a psychopathic local drug distributor Tuco Salamanca while he was in jail.

During a session in class, Walter receives an unexpected visit from Henry, who informs him that the gas mask found in the desert once belonged to the school. Henry reviews the inventory and discovers that another gas mask had been missing, with several glassware looking sparse, and Erlenmeyer flasks missing. Henry suggests Walter to keep better control of his turf, and that students shouldn't be underestimated.

Walter begins to notice his side effects of chemotherapy, starting with his complete hair loss. When José goes to meet with Tuco, Tuco refuses to pay up front for the product and savagely beats José when he attempts to end the deal. With José in the hospital, Walter orders Tripaseca to tell him everything he knows about Tuco. Walter confronts Tuco with the demand 80 million pesos as a for up-front payment, using the pseudonym "Jaisenber". Tuco questions Walter's lack of street sense but Walter detonates a concealed explosive (fulminated mercury), blowing out the top floor of the hideout and intimidating Tuco into surrendering payment with a promise for future business.

Walter begins to come to terms with his secret lifestyle. Meanwhile, Walter and José face difficulties producing the large amount of meth promised to Tuco. Walter informs José that instead of using the pseudoephedrine method as it is difficult to use the method to produce in large quantities, they will instead use methylamine, giving José a list of what to buy. After José manages to buy everything on the list, Jesse states that he couldn't get methylamine, because it is found only in a chemical warehouse. Covering their faces with wool masks, Walt and Jesse use thermite to break into a warehouse, where they steal a large barrel of methylamine. They deliver the promised amount of meth to Tuco, but during the transaction, one of Tuco's associate makes a seemingly innocuous comment, prompting Tuco to beat him until he is bloody and unconscious.

Season 2[]

Walter unsuccessfully attempts to revive his associate, who dies shortly after being beaten by Tuco. Having completed their deal with Tuco in the junkyard, Walter and Jesse realize just how unstable and violent he can be. José is convinced that he has seen Tuco's car going up and down his street. Walter puts it down to paranoia—until he sees the same car parked just down the block from his house. José's solution is to shoot Tuco before he kills them, but Walter has a better idea using ricin. Panic sets in, however, when they think Tuco is killing his associates, and Walter takes José's gun and stashes it in case Tuco comes to his home. Tuco, however, threatens José with a gun to his head, and forces him to drive to Walter's house, where Walter is also threatened and they are both kidnapped.

Having been kidnapped by a crazed Tuco, Walter and José are held prisoner by him in a rural shack where he often hides out and takes care of his sick uncle, Héctor Salamanca. Walter's brother-in-law Henry and the antinarcotics police have rolled Tuco's entire organization. Walter unsuccessfully tries to feed Tuco the poison he prepared. Henry, meanwhile, remembers that José Miguel Rosas' was Walter's source of marijuana and tries to track him down. Tuco's mute wheelchair-bound uncle alerts him to the fact that his prisoners are up to something, and Tuco almost kills José. Walter, however, confesses to attempting to poison Tuco, and in a state of both disbelief and fury, Tuco is caught off-guard when José beats him with a rock. Tuco drops his rifle, and Walter picks it up, hoping to get a shot in, but, gun inexperience aside, he cannot fire without risking hitting José. Tuco gets the upper hand on José and is seemingly about to beat him to death, but José reaches for the handgun tucked in the back of Tuco's jeans, shooting him through the gut. Henry then shows up looking for José, and is surprised when who he thinks to be José is actually Tuco, who he had been searching for just prior. A brief firefight ensues, and Henry shoots Tuco dead. Walter and José run off into the desert.

Having gotten away from Tuco, Walter and José now have to get home and explain where they have been. Walter has a plan and they split up. He goes to a supermarket and strips naked while walking around the aisles. He is hospitalized and says he has no memory of where he has been for the last few days, claiming a "fugue state". José returns to his house to clean out the basement and get rid of the bus. When the anti-narcotics police brigade track José down, he claims that he has been shacked up with a prostitute for the weekend. With some of his problems now behind him, Walter is keen to start cooking again.

Walter continues his treatment and is starting to feel better but is concerned at the growing medical bills. José begins to re-establish himself, paying off his debts and getting a new place to live. He develops an interest in his new next-door neighbor and landlady Juana Maldonado. Walter and José soon rev up the bus and are cooking again. José's not keen on selling the meth on the street and suggests he and Walt take over Tuco's role as a distributor. Meanwhile, Henry and the anti-narcotics police have finally come across the name "Jaisenber".

Tripaseca gets his stash of meth stolen by a drug-addicted couple, and Walter has made it plain to José that unless he does something about it, word will get around pretty quickly that José and his crew are an easy mark. José isn't a very effective enforcer, however, and soon finds himself in over his head. Walt goes back to work, but not all is going smoothly. Walter's story starts to unravel when Cielo gets a call from Marcela Negro and Cielo thanks her for paying for Walter's treatment. Marcela doesn't reveal the truth, but Walter's bitterness at their past relationship - personal and business - comes out.

Walter has trouble getting in touch with José, who's been avoiding him since his encounter with the couple. José is also not providing product to his dealers, so Walter arranges to deliver it. He learns that the word on the street is that José killed the couple and, thanks to his new reputation as a cold-blooded killer, they're having no problem at all collecting payment. Walt decides the time has come to expand their territory and put José's new reputation to good use. Meanwhile, Cielo goes back to work for Ernesto Medina, her former boss. She increasingly relies on Ted for emotional support due to Walt's constant absence and strange behavior.

María (Walter's sister-in-law) tells Walter that she's worried about Henry, who has holed himself up in his bedroom since an with Tortuga, an informant murdered by the cartel. When Walter visits him, Henry admits that he was taken off guard by the war-like atmosphere during the operation, but says that seeing a shrink about it would kill his career. Walter suggests that Henry could talk to him about it, explaining how his cancer diagnosis helped him conquer his fear of everyday life.

Walter and José have yet another problem to deal with when one of their dealers, José's longtime friend "Mono" (meaning "monkey" in Spanish), is arrested by the police. At Jesse's request, Walter and José decide to hire late-night TV lawyer Jaime Maguiña, working under the name of Saúl Bueno, with José explaining to a hesitant Walter that they do not need a criminal lawyer (a lawyer who defends criminals), but a criminal lawyer (a lawyer who is also a criminal). Walter loses a coin toss to determine who will go into Saúl's office and pay his retainer fee. Upon entering the office, Walter introduces himself as Mono's uncle. Saúl reports that the antinarcotics police wants Mono to lead them to a mystery man named Jaisenber. Saúl initially insists on making Mono give up Jaisenber, even when Walter offers him a bribe. Upon returning to José's car, Walter reports that Saúl kicked him out of the office for trying to bribe him.

After nightfall, Walter and José, donning ski masks, kidnap Saúl as he leaves his office and haul him to a cliff in the bus. Aiming a gun at Saúl, José instructs him to represent Mono and threatens to kill him if anyone snitches to the police. While José and Walter have Saúl on his knees in the desert, Saúl utters "It wasn't me. It was Ignacio!", even switching his pleas to English at one point, and he is relieved that "Gordon" didn't send them. Walt doubles over coughing, prompting Saul to recognize him. Saúl instructs Walter and José to remove their masks and explains how Mono is such an innocent and naïve person that he would not survive any sort of jail sentence. The duo hear Saúl's assessment of their situation: "Somebody’s going to prison. It's just a matter of who."

Under questioning from Henry, Mono describes Jaisenber as a middle-aged bald man. Meanwhile, Saúl hands Walter the dossier for a bald ex-convict who will willingly allow himself to be put in jail as Jaisenber for a fee. Saúl outlines the cost: 30 million Colombian pesos, which Walter immediately provides in cash. The next day, the police stake out the bus stop. Walter and José watch from a distance in Walter's mustang. Mono arrives on time, but the convict is late. Eventually a different bald man sits next to Mono, who doesn't know this isn't the convict. When the real convict sits down on a nearby bench, Mono is busy soliciting the wrong man, trying to make the deal. Walter speeds around the block to the bench and makes José intervene. After José exits the car, Walter zips over to the stakeout vehicle to talk to Henry, thereby blocking their view and buy time for José to redirect Mono. José directs Mono to the correct bench and the convict's arrest goes down as planned. After later learning of Walter's true identity and lung cancer diagnosis, Saúl decides to visit Colegio Los Monarcas to meet with Walt and become his and José's lawyer. Saúl walks into his classroom, chiding him for being easy to locate. Walter asks if Saúl is blackmailing him, but Saúl says that he isn't. Saúl offers to act as Walter's consigliere in his meth operation, providing him with the right connections and strategy to succeed in the drug trade.

Walter is convinced that his medical condition is deteriorating. He continues to have coughing fits and is now coughing up blood. Having only a fraction of the meth money after the numerous setbacks, he and José set off for the desert for a marathon cooking session over an extended weekend. He and José end up cooking 17 kilograms of meth to sell off before Walter dies. José continues to mess up, this time by leaving the keys in the ignition and inadvertently draining the bus' battery. They find themselves stuck in the middle of the rural jungle. Walter's knowledge of chemistry again saves the day, as he constructs a mercury battery galvanic cell to help them. At the doctor, Walt discovers that he is in remission - his tumor has shrunk by 80%.

Despite the good news about his condition, Walt is feeling out of sorts and is generally unhappy, verging on anger. Cielo decides to throw a party to celebrate the news and thank all of their friends for their support, but Walt gets drunk and then into a stone-faced argument with Henry that puts a damper on things, after tempting Walter Jr. into drinking so much tequila that he ends up vomiting into the family koi pond. He is embarrassed about his behavior and tries to make amends all around, but it's proving to be a challenge. He tries to channel his energies but eventually realizes what the problem is. Walter also tells José the good news and tells him that he is finished with their little enterprise after the 17 kilos is sold off. José's relationship with Juana continues to grow, but he is taken aback when her father, Diego Maldonado, drops in to see her and she doesn't introduce him as her boyfriend.

After one of their dealers, José's friend, "Gordo" (meaning "fat one" in Spanisg), is murdered by a rival gang, Saúl proposes new distribution method for Walter and José's product. Under stress, José tells Juana that he is a drug dealer, though she had already deduced as much. Saul puts Walt in touch with a meth distributor named Gustavo Cortés, a cautious yet successful Chilean-born businessman who is skeptical of José's dependability but agrees to purchase Walter's product. However, Gustavo expresses concern about José's drug problem, which has escalated into heroin use due to Juana's relapse. Walter receives a large offer for the short-notice delivery of the remainder of their inventory, but at the same time receives a call from Skyler, notifying him of her imminent labor.

Walter delivers the inventory in time, but misses the birth of his daughter Valentina. José confronts Walter about his share of the payment, but Walter refuses to disburse the funds until José can prove his sobriety. José and Juana's addiction is discovered by Diego, who agrees to give her one day to settle her affairs before going to rehab. In an effort to minimize the cost of Walter's upcoming surgery, Walter Jr. sets up a website to gather donations for his father's medical expenses. It is quickly used by Saúl as a way to launder Walter's earnings without raising suspicion. After discovering that José deserves a cut of the sale, Juana blackmails Walter into delivering José's share. Later, Walter returns to José's to attempt to help him break his addiction, tries to shake José conscious and accidentally knocks Jane on her back in doing so. Shortly after, Juana begins to overdose, and, though he is standing right by her and perfectly capable of saving her, Walter decides against doing so, realizing that if he allows her to live, she and José will only continue to destroy their own lives.

José awakens, discovers Juana's demise, and contacts Walter. Walter contacts Saúl, who sends Mario to mitigate José's involvement with Jane's death. Subsequently, Walter must rescue José from self-destruction. Walter's funds are funneled into his son's website, which attracts the attention of the media. Walter's secretive behavior is made prominent once again when he accidentally references multiple cell phones while under the initial effects of anesthesia moments before his surgery. This prompts Cielo to investigate deeper, thereby revealing many of Walter's lies, which spurs her to leave him. Juana's father, Diego, who works as an air traffic controller, becomes distracted by the grief over his daughter's death and negligently causes a mid-air collision, resulting in debris and human remains raining down onto the Blanco residence as well as the rest of Bogotá.

Season 3[]

All of Bogotá (including Walt) is in shock in the aftermath of the mid-air plane collision. Walter is living in his home alone, at least for a while longer. His wife Cielo has moved out with their son and newborn daughter to give Walter a chance to pack his things. She speaks to a divorce lawyer about making the split permanent but seems unsure when the attorney says she will uncover any money Walter may have hidden. When she confronts Walter about the divorce, she also uncovers for the first time just how he made his money. Walter decides to get out of manufacturing and tells his principal contact, Gustavo, that he's getting out of the business. Gus has an attractive offer - $14 billion Colombian pesos for three months of his time - but Walt turns him down. Meanwhile, two dangerous looking men cross over into Colombia from Venezuela.

Walter is having difficulty adjusting to his new life. He doesn't want to be the bad guy and refuses to get into drug manufacturing again. He has an encounter with a police officer but manages to avoid charges courtesy of Henry's intervention. Cielo still won't let him set foot in the house and Walter Jr. in particular is having trouble understanding how his mother can treat him this way. His sleazy lawyer-partner Saúl Bueno wants him to start producing meth again and takes steps to encourage him in that direction. Unbeknownst to him, the dangerous looking Mexican men, cousins of Tuco who have been sent to Bogotá to kill Walt, now know where he lives.

Walter moves into the house and tells Cielo he has no intention of leaving. She won't hear of it but Walter Jr. is thrilled that his father is back. It doesn't stop her from calling the police however in an attempt to have him thrown out. She also decides to pursue her own interests. Cielo responds by beginning an affair with Ernesto and informing Walt right away.

Walter reacts with furious anger at the realization that his wife is having an affair, and goes to Ernesto's office to talk to him. While waiting outside his office, Walter notices Ernesto peeking through the blinds and attempts to force his way into the office. Security escorts him out and Mario picks him up and takes him straight to Saúl's office, revealing they both knew about the affair because of the bugs.

Walter furiously fires Saúl for bugging his house, causing Saúl to cancel Walter Jr.'s website donations that were secretly used to launder money. Following an attempt by Walter to initiate an affair with a teacher, he is suspended indefinitely with pay, and refuses to leave the house despite Skyler's affair.

Gustavo eventually pulls him back into the meth-cooking business with the ploy of pitting José and Walter against one another, and showing him the state-of-the-art superlab he has just installed in one of his buildings. Once he has decided to go back in he moves back out of the house and signs Cielo's divorce papers.

Hank informs Walter of his impending investigation into José and the bus, prompting Walter to get involved in the destruction of the bus, barely managing to not be discovered by Henry thanks to a well-timed phone call executed by Saúl's assistant, Francisca.

After José lands in the hospital due to Henry's beating, Walter manipulates Gustavo into making José his partner to replace assistant Guido Bermúdez so that José will drop the charges on Henry. Later, Cielo forces Walter to pay for Henry's hospital bills after she deduces he is the reason behind the attack on Henry. Cielo also lies to María and tells her that Walter earned the money counting cards and gambling in backrooms, providing a less extreme lie to account for his behavior and finances.

When Henry comes around, he lets the family know he received a warning call one minute before the ambush informing him of it. Walter concludes that Gustavo orchestrated this entire series of events: steering the cousins away from him and onto Henry while also saving Henry's life, creating a firefight that would put heat on the cartel and allow him to corner the meth market in Colombia.

Walter meets with Gustavo at the Pollos Hermanos industrial plant, letting him know he has come to this conclusion and is grateful, and that he respects Gustavo for his strategy and admits that he would have done the same. Gustavo in return extends Walter's contract to 70 billion pesos for a year's work along with a guarantee of safety for his family.

As Walter begins to write checks for Henry's medical bills, Cielo decides to become involved in the money laundering side of things, meeting with Walter and Saúl and asserting her own demands. Walter also becomes friendlier with Gustavo, eating dinner with him on one occasion. However, when José discovers that Tomás, Andrea's brother, murdered Gordo, and is working for rival dealers who work for Gustavo, he demands retribution. Gustavo forces the rival dealers to stop using children in his organization, but Tomás then turns up dead in a playground. José seeks vengeance against the two dealers who murdered him, but Walter intervenes and kills them both, telling José to run, fearing Gustavo's wrath.

Walter meets with Gustavo and Mario in the wilderness, asserting that what he did was necessary and José is in hiding, not to be given up by Walter. Gustavo rehires Guido as Walter's lab assistant, not-so-secretly planning to replace Walter with Gale as his skills at running the lab increase. Walter begins to suspect this, and has José lie in wait near Guido's apartment with a gun. When Mario and Víctor kidnap Walter, planning to kill him, he promises to give up José by calling him for a meetup, but instead orders him to kill Guido, saving both their lives and keeping their jobs safe. José goes to Gale's apartment and, despite Guido's pleas, shoots him.

Season 4[]

Walter and José are held hostage in the lab by Víctor and Mario, anxiously awaiting Gustavo's reaction to the murder of Guido. Gustavo shows up, changes into a lab suit, and Walter begins to reason with Gustavo, explaining that Gustavo instigated the death of Guido in their own self-defense and says he will only continue working for Gustavo if José's life is spared. Gustavo then suddenly slits Víctor's throat with a box cutter, changes back to his work clothes, and tells Walter and José to get back to work, then leaves. Walter is more shaken than José, who later tells Walter that they don't need to worry about being killed when it's as if, stuck in their situation now, they're already dead.

Walter then visits an arms dealer and illegally buys and begins carrying a snub-nosed revolver but Mario soon tells Walter that he'll never see Gustavo again. Walter goes to Gustavo's home, presumably to kill him, but receives a call from one of Gustavo's workers, telling him to go home. Walter later follows Mario to a bar, tells Mario that he might be in danger as well, then asks Mario to get him in a room with Gustavo and Walter will "do the rest". Mario punches Walter, kicks him twice on the floor, then leaves.

Walter furiously notices that a motion-detecting surveillance camera has been installed in the lab. Later that day, Cielo convinces Walter in a meeting with Saúl to buy the car wash by mentioning how the owner insulted his manhood. She devises a plan to trick Ramiro (Walter's former car wash boss) into selling, and she is eventually successful.

Walter and Cielo plan to tell Henry that they paid for the car wash with illicit gambling winnings. They rehearse the story and even attend a support group for gambling addicts, but Walter remains too distracted to put much effort into the charade. During a family dinner, Henry tells Walter that he is informally consulting on a murder case for the local police and reveals evidence that implicates Guido as cook of the high grade blue meth that's been turning up all over Bogotá. Henry also asks Walter about the mysterious initials "W.B." in Guido's notebook, to which Walter initially replies "You got me, I surrender!" but then points out that they stand for "William Blake", a favorite poet of the deceased meth cook, as one of his poems are copied down onto his notebook.

Fearing for José's safety, Walter tries to confront Gustavo at Los Pollos Hermanos, but Gustavo is not there. Mario assures Walter that José is safe, and he takes José with him while he collects drug money for Gustavo. Walter and Cielo purchase the car wash, after which they have sex. Following this, Cielo asks Walter to move back into the house. José, after fighting off two attackers at one of the money collections and appearing to be a hero, informs Walter that he will be making pick ups with Mario as a second job from now on. Gustavo and Mario discuss the attack on José, and reveal that Gustavo set up the attack, planning for José to win the confrontation. When Henry suggests to an intoxicated Walter that Guido was a genius, Walter's pride gets the better of him and he tells Henry that he believes Guido more likely copied another's work. Henry's pursuit of the case is renewed, and he expresses his puzzlement at finding a Los Pollos Hermanos napkin in Guido's belongings, as he was a vegan.

When Walter wakes with a hangover, Cielo tells him she thinks his scoffing off the Guido-is-Jaisenber theory to Henry was a self-sabotaging "cry for help." Walter angrily denies that, telling her he's not in trouble because "I am the danger." Alarmed, Cielo leaves. Walter, worried, buys a flashy new car for Walter Jr., Walter picks up the keys to the car wash from Ramiro, who tells him he must be a "tough" boss; Walter, seething, refuses to let Mario take his framed first thousand-peso banknote from the business. Walter then breaks the glass and uses the banknote to buy a soda from the vending machine. Walter tells José that he suspects Gustavo is driving a wedge between him and José and José's heroic stopping of the stick-up was a set-up; he tells a fuming José that "it's all about me!" Cielo returns home and tells Walter he must return Walter Jr.'s new car tomorrow and that "Someone has to protect this family from the man who protects this family".

After Cielo tells Walter she's negotiated the return of the car to the dealership, Walter, angry, drives the car to a parking lot near the airport, burns donuts and crashes into a parking block, then stuffs the ownership papers in the gas tank, lights them afire, and blows up the car. Saúl covers up the outburst, managing to reduce the prison time that would come with the charge of detonating an explosive in a public space to just "littering". When Walter shows off a nightly earning to Cielo, she's stunned by the amount, unsure how she'll launder his meth-lab earnings (over $30 billion annually) through their car wash. Walter convinces José to kill Gustavo and concocts a ricin poison in the lab that José then hides in one of his cigarettes. At the sit-down with the cartel, though, José hesitates and doesn't add the poison to the coffee he makes for Gustavo.

Though Gustavo's explanations and alibi for Guido's murder are accepted by the antinarcotics police, a still suspicious Henry has Walter drive him to Gustavo's restaurant; once there, he tells Walter of his suspicions and tells him to slip a tracking device onto Gustavo's car. With instruction from Gustavo, Walter plants the device and Gustavo later removes it. Walter, alarmed by Henry's investigation into his boss, tells José to poison Gustavo as soon as possible but he suspects Jesse's been putting it off.

Walter drives to Gustavo's restaurant with an eager Henry to retrieve the tracking bug he left on Gus' car. Henry's suspicious when the bug only shows Gustavo driving between home and work. Meanwhile, Gustavo calls the cartel, giving in to their demands; Gustavo invites José over for dinner and asks him if he can cook Walter's formula. The next night, José calls Walter to come over; he then explains that Gustavo is sending him to rural Antioquia (a Northern region of Colombia) to show the local division of the Mexican cartel how to cook Walter's formula. Walter responds by asking him if he poisoned Gustavo; José says he didn't see him. Walter knows he saw him, he says, because he put a bug on José's car that showed he was at Gustavo's house. José, furious at Walter's distrust, throws the bug at him. The two fight and Jesse gets the upper hand, punching Walter repeatedly in the face, then telling him to leave and never come back.

Skyler shows Walter Jr. his sixteenth-birthday present, a new car, but he's quietly disappointed. He goes to his dad's place, and Walter, recovering from his fight, lies about his injuries, saying they came about because he was gambling again. He breaks down, confiding to his son: "I made a mistake. It's my own fault." Meanwhile, Cielo urges Ernesto to pay the IRS with the money she gave him, but he refuses.

While José is in Antioquia, Walter continues cooking meth in the superlab. Walter drives Henry to scope out the Los Pollos Hermanos Factory Farm again but, en route, Henry tells him to go to an industrial laundry he's linked to Gustavo and Guido. Walter, panicking that he'll find the meth lab there, pulls into oncoming traffic, causing an accident and giving Henry whiplash. Walter realizes someone's been cooking in the lab, goes to José's house, and begs him for help, saying Gustavo will kill him if José replaces him. José spurns Walter, and Gustavo's henchmen stun-gun him and drive him to the jungle, where Gustavo tells Walter he's fired. Walter retorts that Gustavo can't kill him because José won't let him. Gustavo says he'll now take care of Henry and, if Walter interferes, he will kill his entire family. Walter rushes to Saúl and gets the number of a man who'll help him and his family "disappear"; he tells Saúl to tip off the police about a hit on Henry. When Walter gets home and goes down into the crawl space, he finds there's not enough money for disappearing; Cielo tells a frenzied Walter that she gave it to Ernesto. Walter, in disbelief, starts laughing hysterically as Cielo, horrified, takes a call from María about sudden police-protection of Henry after there was a tip that the cartel's gunning for him.

Cielo, Walter Jr., and Valentina go into police protection at Henry's and María's insistence. Henry harries ex-partner Gómez into investigating the laundry; as Gómez looks around there, Gustavo calls José in the lab to tell him what's happening is Walter's fault, but José still refuses to "sign off" on eliminating Walter. Saúl summons José to his office, where he's anxiously packing up, saying it's the "end times"; he gives José's savings to him and tells him Gustavo threatened Walter's family. Andrea calls José to the hospital because her son Byron is in critical condition with a mysterious flu-like illness. José, suspecting what has happened, fishes for a cigarette, finds the ricin vial missing and tells Andrea to have the doctors treat Brock for poisoning. José goes to Walter's house, where Walter has barricaded himself inside with just a revolver for protection. As Walter rambles, José picks up the gun and accuses Walter of poisoning Byron; Walter pleads for his life and tells him Gustavo must be behind the poisoning. Walter presses the revolver against his forehead, daring José to kill him but José can't, as he believes Walter. José is now determined to kill Gustavo, but Walter tells José to let him help. Walter rigs small explosives and plants them on Gustavo's car while Gustavo meets with José in the hospital chapel. Gustavo walks back to his car in the garage, while Walter watches from a nearby rooftop through binoculars, ready to detonate the explosives. However, Gustavo seems to suspect something and walks away from his vehicle, dashing Walter's plan.

After Walter's car bombing plan fails, Walter pays a hefty bribe to Saúl's secretary Francisca to get in touch with Saúl, and with José's help they realize that Gustavo may be vulnerable if he visits Héctor Salamanca at his nursing home, where Gustavo has gone in the past to torment Héctor about the deaths of his family members. Walter visits Héctor and offers him a chance for revenge against Gustavo. Héctor then requests a meeting at the police headquarters, but tells them nothing; he only crudely insults Henry. Tyrus has been tailing Hank and sees Héctor leave the police office, and informs Gustavo. José is released after no ricin is found in Byron's bloodwork, but as he leaves the police station he is kidnapped. One of Gustavo's henchmen visits Héctor's room and sweeps it for any bugs; he informs Gustavo that it's clean. Gustavo arrives and berates Héctor for speaking to the police, calling him a "disgusting rat" and prepares to kill him. Héctor finally looks him in the eye and then rings his bell, detonating a bomb that he has allowed Walter to plant in his wheelchair. The door is blown off of the room and Gustavo walks out into the hall and straightens his tie - the entire right side of his face having been blown off - before dropping dead.

Meanwhile, José is working at the lab under duress and under guard, when Walter arrives and executes José's two captors. Walter and José then flood the lab with chemicals and set it ablaze, wiping their fingerprints off the door as they leave. Later, Walter meets José at the hospital parking garage, and José tells him Byron's going to pull through and was poisoned by a Lily of the Valley plant, not ricin. When José leaves, Walter calls Cielo, who's watching coverage of the nursing home bombing on the news, informing Walter that Gustavo and Héctor died during it. She asks, "Was this you?" Walter replies, "It's over. We're safe. I won." before leaving the parking garage. In the Blanco family's backyard, a singular potted plant is shown—a Lily of the Valley—confirming that it was Walter who had poisoned Brock to win back José's loyalty by convincing him that Gustavo was responsible.

Season 5[]

After Gustavo's death, Walter returns home and disposes of the Lily of the Valley plant and his bomb-making materials. Cielo and Walter Jr. return home. While Jr. is excited about Henry's vindication, Cielo tells Walter that she is afraid of him. Walter enjoys a glass of scotch in celebration when he suddenly remembered Gustavo's cameras in the superlab. Walter and José stopped Mario in the desert and, after a heated argument, work together to devise a plan to destroy Gustavo's laptop which was being held in a police evidence room. They manage to destroy the laptop by powering up a giant magnet inside a truck outside the police station. They escape, but are forced leave the truck. In the car, Walter tells Mario that he was certain the magnet worked "because I said so." Later on, Henry comments that his laptop was encrypted, and as such destroying it made no difference, as there would have been no way to access the machine's contents. However, the destruction caused by the magnet shifted a photo placed inside of a frame, revealing text incriminating a Spanish condiment factory's manager as a contact of Gustavo.

When Saúl tries to sever ties with Walter as his lawyer, Walter tells him "we're done when I say we're done." Returning home, Walter tells Cielo that he knew what happened to Ernesto and, hugging her, says "I forgive you".

Before helping José search for the missing ricin cigarette, Walter hides the ricin in his bedroom's electrical outlet and places a fake cigarette in José's Roomba. Walter consoles José after he has an emotional breakdown about nearly killing his partner and closest ally. Walter then uses José's guilt and vulnerability to convince him to continue working together. Walter and José extend an offer to Mario to form a new meth operation and accept his decision to decline. When the police cuts off Mario's funds, he reluctantly changes his mind. Walt smugly accepts his partnership.

Walter, José, and Mario work with Saúl to sort out a new front for the meth manufacturing. They end up agreeing on a mobile lab inside residential houses that are bug bombed by their pest service. The mobile lab yields less meth per cook than they were making for Gustavo, but they each receive a larger cut. However, Mario deducts funds from each cook to recoup the lost savings of Gustavo's former underlings. Walter doesn't take to this decision kindly at first, but reluctantly accepts it.

Walt sells his car to a mechanic for a low sum and leases himself a new Mustang, with Walter Jr. getting another car. He tells Cielo to keep laundering, but refuses her request to keep the children out of the house. The next morning, on Walter's 51st birthday, Cielo reluctantly makes a "51" with bacon on Walter's breakfast. In the evening, Walter, Cielo, Walter Jr., Henry and María finish a low-key birthday dinner in the Blancos' backyard. After Walter Jr. excuses himself, Walter points out that it's been a year since his cancer diagnosis. As he reminisces about the early days of his treatment and thanks the family for their support over the last year, Cielo slowly dunks her head into the backyard pond, fully-clothed, and sinks to the bottom. Panicked, María and Henry rush around the edge of the pool until Walt plunges in to pull her out.

Later, Henry and María offer, on behalf of Cielo, to take the children for a few days. Walter angrily confronts a frightened Cielo, but she tells him that her only choice is to wait for his cancer to return and keep the kids away from as much crime as she can. The next day, Walter insists to Mario and José that the cooking must never slow down, no matter what. Outside, José gives Walter a brand new watch. At home, Walter shows the watch to Cielo and tells her that she will come around, just as José did.

After Walter, José, and Mario interrogate Lidia Barrera—an executive from Los Pollos Hermanos' parent company involved in Gustavo's drug business—she suggests they steal methylamine from a train that runs through the outskirts of Bogotá. José comes up with a plan involving siphoning off 1,000 gallons and replacing it with water. The plan is a success, but Walter and José are forced to watch as their accomplice Peto Bermúdez murders a bystander who witnessed the heist.

After disposing of the boy's bike and body, Walter, José and Mario debate what to do with Peto. They vote to keep him close so he won't do anything rash. Walter tries to tell José that their operation is now "smoothly sailing", but José and Mario soon inform him they are selling their share of methylamine for $5 million each and bowing out of the meth trade. Walter refuses to join them, even when Mario's contact refuses to buy unless he gets all 1,000 gallons. After forcing José to have an awkward dinner with him and Cielo, Walter admits to José that his family has left him and his drug empire is the only thing that matters to him now. Walter heads the pest extermination hangout, where he is tied up by Mario so the methylamine can be sold without Walter's interruption. Walter escapes and hides the methylamine, promising—at gunpoint—that he has a solution where "everybody wins".

At the rural meeting with a competitor, Walter offers to sell Mario's 35% stake for 20 billion pesos. After the deal is sealed, Walter and José retrieve the methylamine from the car wash under the glare of Cielo. José reiterates that he is done with the meth trade, but Walter tries to convince him that throwing his talent away is a mistake. José willingly leaves the pest extermination business without a penny. Walter then begins training Peto on cooking meth. Walter removes the bugs from Henry's office and overhears that the police is going to arrest Mario. Walter tips off Mario and later meets him to hand off a "burn bag" of cash, a gun, and a passport. After handing over the bag, Walter demanded Mario give him the names of the nine guys in prison who would likely flip on Walter since their legacy funds stopped flowing. Mario refused and in a fit of rage Walter storms up to Mario's car and shoots him through the window. Horrified by his actions, Walter drops the gun and staggers to Mario. He attempts to apologize but shuts up on Mario's dying request.

Walter and Peto proceed to dispose of Mario's car and body. Walt made an arrangement with Lidia to sell Blue Sky to the Czech Republic in exchange for the names of Gustavo's former ten henchmen. Walter paid Peto's uncle Joaquín and the incarcerated members of Joaquín's gang to murder them all in the span of two minutes. The plan was executed perfectly, with no one being able to squeal to the police. Walter and Peto continue to cook meth flawlessly and effortlessly for three months until Cielo showed Walter a giant pile of cash in a storage unit and asked him for her children back. After a visit to the doctor, Walter learns that his cancer has returned and it's likely that he won't live for longer than six months. Having a presumed change of heart thanks to this revelation, Walter paid José a visit and gave him two duffle bags of cash. He then told Cuelo that he would retire from the meth business. Some undetermined time later, Walter and Cielo made up.

During a family dinner, Henry excuses himself to the bathroom. Sitting down on the toilet in the Blancos' master bathroom, Henry looks around for something to read. After thumbing through a magazine, Henry loses interest and finds a book recompiling some of William Blake's most famous poems. As Henry thumbs to the front of the book, he comes to an inscription in a familiar handwriting: "To my other favorite W.B. It's an honor to be working with you. Fondly, G.B." Henry thinks back to his earlier conversation with Walter, where Walter remarked "You got me, I surrender!" and finally comes to the uneasy realization that Walter is the elusive meth kingpin and mastermind "Jaisenber" that he had been searching for all along.

When Henry returns, he asks María to leave, since he is not feeling very well. Sometime later, Walter is seen working at the car wash when he is visited by Lidia, who demands him to return to the meth business, since she is not able to find anyone capable of cooking meth as pure as the blue sky. Walter coldly refuses her offer and Cielo notices Lidia's presence, telling her never to show her face near Walter again. Saúl calls in, revealing that José is planning to give away his share of the money, so Walter visits José and tries to convince him to keep the money. José is in total sorrow and is suspicious that Walter killed Mario, just like he did to the prisoners. Walter promises José that Mario is fine and living outside Colombia, and that he may even come back someday in the future. It's not enough to convince José, though. Later that night, Walter excuses himself from dinner to throw up in the bathroom, and notices that his William Blake book is missing. He searches everywhere, and grows suspicious that Henry may have found the book earlier on when he used the bathroom during the family lunch. It turns out that not only Henry found the book, but he planted a tracker onto Walter's vehicle, meaning that he is looking into Walter. Walter decides to pay Henry a visit, where Henry locks them inside the garage and punches Walter, accusing him of being Jaisenber, Walter swears to God that he is innocent and also reveals that his cancer is back and he will be dead soon anyway. When Henry questions how much he knows Walter, Walter tells him to "tread lightly".

Immediately after leaving Henry's garage, Walter tries to call Cielo but Henry already has her on the line. Walter races to the car wash and finds that Cielo gone. He then waits at Saúl Office's office where Saúl tells him to lose his cell phone. Stewart and Mosquera empty Walter Blanco's storage locker full of cash and Walter drives the cash to the middle of the Colombian jungle where he spends the majority of the night burying it. He arrives home in the early morning hours and collapses on the floor of his bathroom as Cielo promises she told Henry nothing. He wakes up hours later and Cielo tells him she knows his cancer has returned. He offers to turn himself in if she promises to keep the money, else his hard work and bad deeds will have been for nothing. She tells him Henry has no solid evidence and he should stay quiet and ride it out.

Back at home, Walter convinces Walter Jr. to stay at home with him by informing him that his cancer has returned, rather than visit María and Henry for "computer troubles". A short time later, Walter creates a confession tape, and attends a dinner with Henry, María, and Cielo. At the dinner, Henry tells Walter to fess up and admit to all of his wrongdoing, to which Walter responds by handing him a DVD before departing. The DVD is an elaborate lie, pinning Henry as the mastermind behind Walter's meth empire - he manages to weave several true events into his story, making it seem airtight and extremely convincing, putting Henry in a vice. He meets with Saúl and José in the desert a short time later to find out what Henry and the police know about him, but this leads to José emotionally breaking down and telling Walter that his only motivation is to remove José for his benefit. Walter embraces José and convinces him to go as it's for the best. He later tells Cielo that this worked, but frantically returns a short time later upon learning from Saúl that José now knows that it was he who poisoned Byron. He opens up a nearby Coca-Cola machine after telling Cielo that there is a problem with the latch, and takes out a revolver before putting it into his pocket.

He arrives at his house a short time later and sees Saúl's car parked in the driveway. After entering through the backdoor with his gun drawn, he finds the living room soaking with gasoline but no José. Stewart picks up the car and cleaners attempt to clean up the gasoline but Walter has to lie to his son and wife about the scent, claiming a broken pump at a gas station covered him with gas. He suggests the family stay at a hotel to stay safe where Cielo calls him out on his lies and although Walter previously met with Saúl to find José to keep him safe (despite Saúl's suggestions to put him down) Cielo suggests that Walter killed José. Later that night, Walter sits at the hotel pool, contemplating his next move, when Walter Jr. comes to sit with him. Walter Jr. expresses his concern for Walter's cancer being back, who convinces him that he isn't going anywhere. After Walter Jr. leaves, he calls José and leaves a voicemail, telling him that he'll be at the central plaza the following day at noon, and that he'd like to meet him there to mend their current issues. As he waits on a park bench at said plaza the next day, he gets a call on his cell phone from José who tells him that he knows the meeting was a set-up, and that he's going to go after him where he "really lives". Walter, left with no other options, calls Peto and tells him he has some more work for his uncle.

Peto sets up a meeting between his Uncle Joaquín and Walter, and Walter tells him the new target is José Miguel Rosas. Meanwhile, Henry and Gómez use police tactics on Stewart to figure out more info about Walter and his money. Stewart reveals to them that Walter and the rental van were dirty when he returned from the jungle. Walter meets with Uncle Joaquín and his gang at their headquarters and discusses the hit, Walter tells them he wants it done painless and fast. When Walter brought up payment for the hit, he says he will pay triple from last time but instead, Joaquín wants Walter to do another cook for Peto to try and bring the blue color back into the meth. Walter agrees and devises a plan to flush José out into the open. At Andrea Cantillo's home, Andrea is seeing Byron off to school while Walter comes into their house. He tells her he cannot find José and is worried for his safety. Walter gets Andrea to call José's new phone and leave a message, he then departs. Outside the home; Walter calls one of Joaquín's gang's members, who is parked on the opposite side of the street, he says he does not want Andrea nor Byron to see José's body if they have the chance to kill him. In the meantime, Henry receives the phone call from Andrea on José's phone and dismisses it. At the car wash, Saúl talks to Walter about the hit and his fear of José's anger, Walter tells him to stop worrying and that he will take care of José. Moments later, Walter receives a photo text of a pile of money surrounded by sand followed by a call from José saying he found all of Walter's barrels in the desert. Walter runs out of the car wash, into his car, and starts speeding out to the national park while still on the phone with José. José says if Walter loses the connection or hangs up, he will burn all of Walter's money. During the call, Walter reminds José of everything he has done to save his life, who the money really belongs to, and the poisoning of Byron, but José begins to speak less and less by the end of the call. Walter arrives on scene and in seconds notices José has outsmarted him; José is not there and there has been no sign of any person at the burial spot. He soon takes the battery out of his phone to stop the GPS track Henry placed on it. Walter flees behind a large bush when he notices an SUV coming towards the burial spot and puts the battery back into his phone. Suspecting José is in the SUV, Walter calls Joaquín and tells him the coordinates from the lottery ticket, hoping Joaquín and his gang will arrive there and kill José. While pleading with Joaquín to come quickly, Walter sees that José is with Hank and Gómez, prompting Walter to tell Joaquín not to come. Walter understands he cannot run from Henry or Gómez and gives himself up to them. Henry slaps his cuffs on Walter's wrists and reads him his Miranda rights, then places him in the back of his truck. Soon after, Joaquín and his gang arrive heavily armed. After a brief stand-off between Joaquín and Henry, Joaquín and his gang begin to shoot at Henry and Gómez. A colossal gunfight erupts between the two parties.

After Joaquín's gang stops firing, Walter watches as Hank crawls toward Gómez's shotgun, only to have it taken away by one of Joaquín's men. After identifying Henry and the now deceased Gómez as policemen, Joaquín elects to finish Henry off, which prompts Walter to exit the vehicle and plea for Henry's life. Joaquín then asks Walter why he hid the fact that he had a policeman for a brother-in-law from them, as Walter asserts that it's none of their concern and that the police wouldn't get involved, causing Henry to promise that the very opposite would happen. As Joaquín attempts to proceed with the execution, Walter becomes desperate and offers to pay him for Henry's life, revealing the location of the 300 billion Colombian pesos that he has buried away. Joaquín, now amused asks Henry if he'll accept that offer, only for Henry to reject it and tell Joaquín to "go fuck himself." Walter desperately pleas with Henry to let the whole situation go and walk out with his life, before Henry reveals to Walter that he is the smartest man he ever knew, but that he was too stupid to realize that Joaquín had already decided to kill him ten minutes ago. Walter watches in horror as Henry fearlessly tells Joaquín to go on with the execution, before Joaquín shoots Henry in the head, killing him. Grief struck, Walter falls to the ground and sobs in agony, collapsing emotionally and mentally over the death of his brother-in-law. Now knowing about the buried money's existence, Joaquín again checks the GPS coordinates given by Walter and his gang uses a shovel found inside Gómez's SUV to start digging. Soon they find one of the barrels full of money, and all the other gang members dig up the $300 billion pesos, before two men return after failing to find José. The gang members proceed to load up seven barrels into their truck after Peto convinces his uncle to leave one for Walter as an apology for what they did to Henry. Walter then notices something beneath his car. They then help him up, take the handcuffs off of him and Joaquín shakes hands with him, saying that there is no need for bad feelings about what happened. Walter tells Joaquín that he still owes him a hit on José, in which he reveals that José was hiding under his car. The gang members drag José out from his hiding spot and Joaquín puts him at gunpoint. Before the gang members drag him away, Walter reveals to José that he watched Juana die and that he could have saved her but didn't.

While driving back to Bogotá, Walter's car runs out of gas in the middle of the jungle. A bullet from the shootout has pierced his gas tank. Walter then decides to roll his barrel of money through the desert until he arrives at an indigenous man's house and buys the man's truck for 40 million pesos.

Back at home, Walter runs inside the house and frantically packs suitcases for his family. The family enters the house and Walter Jr. demands what is going on and asks about him being a drug dealer. Walter screams at his son and promises all of their questions would be answered when they leave. Cielo demands to know how Walter escaped Henry's grasp and concludes that Walter had killed him. Walter, distraught at Henry being murdered, tells Cielo that he tried to save him and that they must leave in order to be safe. As Walter continues to pack, Cielo grabs a knife from the counter. Walter passes by her and she shields Walter Jr. behind herself. With the knife pointed at Walter, Cielo tells Walter to leave and never come back. Walter attempts to reason with her and Skyler slashes Walter's hand. A furious Walter attempts to attack Cielo and they both wrestle. Walter Jr. interferes by tackling Walter and shielding his mom. Walter yells at Cielo and Jr, telling them "What the hell is wrong with you guys? We're a family!" Walter's expression changes as he looks at the sight of his son shielding his mom with his arms, and sees the fear in all of their eyes; knowing to himself that he could have killed his wife and children. In a brief moment, Walter realizes all of his actions and everything he has committed up to this point has destroyed his family. Walter Jr. pulls out his cellphone to call the police, reporting to them that his father has attacked his mom with a knife and that he's dangerous. Walter, unable to own up to his actions, grabs Valentina and runs out of the house as Cielo screams for Holly while Walter drives away. Walter changes Valentina's diaper in a restroom and throws her bloodied diaper in the trashcan. Walter emotionally embraces Valentina as she utters her first (and only known) words: "Mama." Back at the Blanco residence, the police call a manhunt on Walter Blanco, while Cielo, Walter Jr., and María sit on a couch. The residence receives a phone call from Walter, demanding for Cielo to pick up. The police officers instruct Cielo to tell Walter that nobody is listening. Walter, knowing that Cielo is lying, tells her that he had warned her not to cross him and that Henry is dead. Cielo, realizing that Walter was deliberately giving her an alibi, simply tells him that she is sorry. Later on, in an unnamed fire station, a fireman finds Valentina inside of his truck. The next day, Walter waits with his luggage and a barrel of $50 million pesos for the previously mentioned extractor (Edward). The car arrives, and Walter packs his things in and it drives off.

The extractor's van arrives at a vacuum shop, where it is revealed that Saúl is also planning on disappearing with a false identity. Edward also shows Saúl a monitor with live footage of Walter angrily walking around the bunker.

During their time in the bunker under the vacuum shop, Saúl lies on his cot as Walter tries to repair a faulty water heater. Pointing to Walter's former occupation as a scientist, Saúl asks what he would do if he had a time machine. Walter is angrily dismissive of the question and recognizes that what Saúl is actually talking about is past regrets. He says that his biggest regret is allowing his former business partners to take over the company he co-founded and profit off his discoveries. After this, Walter tells Saúl of his plan to exact revenge against Joaquín and his gang for them murdering Henry and stealing all of his money. Saúl advises Walter to turn himself in otherwise the police will go after Cielo and squeeze her for everything until she gives Walter up. Edward then calls for Saúl, telling him that he is good to go for Nebraska. Walter interrupts and tells Edward that there has been a change of plans and that Saúl will come with him, to which Saúl refuses. Walter attempts to intimidate Saúl the same way he did before but is interrupted mid-sentence to excessive coughing. Saúl, no longer intimidated, leaves. Walter is then transported to northwestern Colombia with a new name: Ricardo. He enters his new home — a cabin with no external utilities. Edward then tells Walter that he will return monthly with groceries and supplies in exchange for 40 million Colombian pesos. Edward then continues to say if he leaves the property, he will be caught by the police and will not be returning again for his own safety. Edward then takes off and tells Walter that the cabin is an ideal place for Walter to take his mind off things. After Edward departs, Walter finds his Jaisenber pork hat and heads towards the gate. Walter stops himself and mutters "tomorrow."

Months later, Walter opens the property gate as Edward arrives for another supply drop. Walter has now grown a full beard and a full head of hair. Edward tells Walter that Cielo is living at different home and that she now works as a part-time taxi dispatcher, still having custody of both children. Edward performs makeshift chemotherapy and prepares to leave. Out of loneliness, Walter offers an extra 40 million pesos for him to stay a while longer. Walter asks Edward if he would give the barrel of money to his family if he dies, to which Edward replies "If I said yes, would you believe me?"

Later, alone again, Walter's wedding ring falls off his thinning finger, and Walter loops a string through it to make a necklace. He then spots a shoebox and uses it to put in 400 million pesos. In the morning, Walter heads towards the property gate and leaves the reservation, walking along the snow-covered road to the nearest town. At a tavern, Walter calls the Colegio Los Monarcas institute and asks for Walter Jr., posing as María. He then asks Walter Jr. if his friend Luis still lives at the same address, so Walter can drop off his money there and have Walter Jr. pick it up. Jr. retaliates, blaming him for Henry's death and telling also Walter to die, before hanging up in anger and hatred. Walter, defeated, calls the national police and turns himself in, leaving the phone hanging so they can trace it and send police to arrest him. Walter then goes to the bartender and asks for a whiskey. While Walter is drinking, he watches Edgar and and Marcela Negro being interviewed on TV, who asks them about their recent donation of hundreds of millions of pesos to fund drug rehabilitation clinics throughout the country. The interviewer then asks Edgar and Marcela about their association with Walter, and they both falsely claim that Walter's contributions practically nil, only being the Tecnología Materia Gris' company name (Marcela and Edgar are truly only doing this to protect their company's reputation and do not want to be associated with a meth kingpin). The interviewer then asserts that the blue methamphetamine is still circulating all over Colombia and even in Europe, which implies that Walter is still active in the meth business. Walter becomes visibly angry and leaves the tavern just in time before the police arrive. After this, Walter prepares for the long trip back to Bogotá to enact his revenge.

After waiting for the couple to arrive, Walter sneaks into their house behind them while they are busy chatting about their stocks. While examining their home and various photographs, Inside, he feels empty staring at their multi-billion dollar success, considering his buyout from the company. Walter is quickly discovered by Marcela and then Edgar after hearing her scream. After Walter greets his former colleagues, Marcela asks him why he is there, to which Walter responds by letting them know that he had seen them on TV. After questioning if Walter is there to hurt them, Walter corrects the two and tells them that he has something to give to them instead. Edgar points a short-bladed kitchen knife at Walter which he dismisses, causing the couple to submit.

After getting around 250 billion pesos out of his car, Walter presents the money to Marcela and Edgar and tells them to make sure the money reaches his son on his 18th birthday with the hope that he uses it for his family's well-being, which is quickly shot down by the two of them. However, they eventually end up agreeing when Walter tells them to pass it to his son as a gift from their foundation. After shaking on it, Walter makes a signal and two lasers start shining on Marcela and Edgar. Walter uses this for reassurance by telling them that he used 50 billion pesos to hire hitmen to kill them at any point in time should the money not find its way to his son. Walter leaves moments later after scaring them sufficiently and gets in the car with Mono and Tripaseca. It is revealed that they are the ones who used laser pointers on Marcela and Edgar, an act that makes the two uneasy until Walter pays them. After inquiring about his signature blue meth still being on the streets, Walt concludes that José had partnered up with Joaquín and his gang and was now cooking for them.

Walt visits a restaurant in Bogotá the next day to celebrate his 52nd birthday. A waitress notices him making the number "52" with his food, after which Walter (going under the name of "Ricardo") tells her it's his birthday to get a free breakfast, proving it with a fake ID.

Excusing himself to the restroom, Walter then trades an envelope of cash for a set of car keys in the bathroom with his previously-seen gun dealer. Before exiting the restroom, Walter lets out a slight cough and takes some medication. The keys belong to a car in the parking lot with an M60 machine gun in the trunk, complete with a usage manual.

A short time later, Walter returns to the Blanco family residence, which has become unoccupied and vandalized to the point of being ruined, with graffiti all over the walls. Inside, the house is abandoned, empty and quiet - the word "JAISENER" is spray-painted across the living room wall. Teenagers are seen skateboarding outside. Walter quickly sneaks through the empty house and retrieves the ricin that he hid in the electrical socket, making his way out before being noticed by his former neighbor, Carolina, who looks at him in shock as Walter casually greets her. Walter immediately leaves, and Carolina reports him to the police, prompting a citywide manhunt as many more sightings of Walter are reported. Various prank callers or people Walter hired to phone the police had made various threats toward the city.

Walter returns to the diner where he conducted his meetings with Lidia and poisons a packet of her artificial sweeteners with the ricin, knowing full-well that Lidia would put it in her tea, while making sure it is the only packet left on the table where she is bound to sit. Walter waits there until Lidia and Peto arrive and confronts them immediately with an offer to produce crystal meth without methylamine. Lidia asks Walter how he knew they would be there, to which Walter responded by telling Lidia how predictable her habits are. Peto tries to dismiss Walter's offer, but Lidia questions Walter on how much it would cost them before Peto attempts to dismiss him yet again. After offering to visit his uncle to discuss it with him, Lidia sends Walter off as the waiter comes to take their order, before adding the ricin-spiked sweetener into her tea. In the middle of the forest, Walter modifies his M60 machine gun by creating a homemade contraption to make the weapon automatically fire in a wide radius. He attaches the modified weapon to the trunk of his car.

Afterwards, he confronts Cielo in her home. María calls soon after, warning her that Walt is back in town, for which Cielo calmly thanks her. Giving Walter five minutes to talk, Cielo asks if he killed or hurt anybody sneaking into her home. Cielo notes how terrible Walter looks, which he does not deny but assures her that he feels good. Questioning why he came back, Walter tells Cielo that it is over and that he needs a proper goodbye in contrast to their last phone call. Asking if he is going to turn himself in, Walter assures her that the police would indeed be coming for him. Not reassured, Cielo asks if the people who broke into their house would come after them if he is in custody. Walt adamantly tells his wife that after that night, they would not be coming back, which prompts even more questioning from Cielo, who inquires what would happen. Walter hands Cielo a lottery ticket with the GPS coordinates to where Henry and Gomez's bodies are located and reveals that the men who took their money from there are the same men who murdered them. Walter tells her to trade the ticket to the prosecutor in order to get herself out of the ordeal he left her in.

Walter then begins to tell Cielo as to why he did this (all the crimes he committed up to this point). Thinking that Walter is about to make the same justification he did many times before (the excuse that he did "all this for the family"), Cielo tries to shoot this down; only for Walter to actually openly admit and confess the truth that he did it all for himself; saying that he was good at what he did and truly felt alive while he was doing it. Cielo tells him that Walter Jr. will be home soon before he asks her if he can see his daughter one last time, a request she allows. After spending one last moment with Valentina and Cielo, Walter leaves the house and watches his son arrive home before leaving to confront Joaquín and his gang.

After arriving at Joaquín's hideout, Walter is promptly checked for weapons and allowed entry to see Joaquín. Upon arriving, Joaquín is surprised to see Walter with a full head of hair, calling it impressive but that the rest of his physical appearance is poor. Walter asks to talk business, but Joaquín rejects his offer, telling him that they are not really in the market because they can get more methylamine through Lidia quite easily. Walter, now desperate to distract them, asks Peto to tell his uncle the benefit of his offer, but Peto apologizes to Walter and tells him that he should not have come back before a gang member pulls a gun on him. Joaquín orders him to take Walter out back before Walter tells him that he owes him, since he partnered up with José in order to cook their product instead of killing him like they promised. Enraged that Walter would suggest that he is a liar, Joaquín ack tells Walt that José being alive does not make them partners.

Ordering Peto to bring José in order to show Walter exactly what has become of him, Walter picks up his car keys while they wait. As a broken and defeated José is brought in, Joaquín asks Walter if he looks like a partner to him. Mockingly calling José an "equal partner" and "buddy," Walter sorrowfully notices the sorry state José is now in, concluding that he did not willingly start cooking meth for Joaquín. Walter tackles José to the ground and presses his car lights that would activate his contraption, and uses himself as a human shield just as the M60 activates. The spinning machine gun sends dozens of tracer rounds into Joaquín's compound, killing all of his men within seconds, with the exception of Joaquín himself, who is gravely injured, and Peto, who remains unharmed by ducking down just in time. After it is over, Walter watches as José strangles Peto to death in the same manner in which Walter killed Loco. Walter walks up to Joaquín after Peto is killed, pointing a gun at him as Joaquín tries to get him to stop, picking up his cigarette and smoking one last time. He tells Walter that if he wants his money back, he will need to let him live, before Walter shoots him in the head anyway in the exact same manner Joaquin killed Henry.

After José gets out of his cuffs, Walter passes his gun to José and tells him to shoot him, since it is what he wanted. José refuses, tearfully saying he will only do it if Walter himself says he wants it. Walter, now ready to die, assures José that he wants it. José however, notices Walter's wound and concludes that he will die anyway, and leaves the gun with Walter, telling him to do it himself.

Hearing Peto's phone ring, Walter answers the phone as a now sickly Lidia, thinking Walter is Peto, asks if "he's gone". Walter assures her that they are all gone, which causes Lidia to panic and ask who it is. Walter reveals himself and tells Lidia that he poisoned her with ricin using the sweeteners she put in her tea, telling her that she is "already dead". With one final farewell to a horrified Lidia, Walter hangs up the phone and sees José off.

After his former partner leaves, Walter looks down at his wound, aware of his impending death. Walking into Joaquín's lab, Walter examines the equipment peacefully, slowly absorbing how his actions destroyed both him and José's lives as he bleeds out, eventually solemnly passing out on the ground; knowing his family's physical and financial safety is now ensured. The police arrive moments after, discovering Walter's dead body laying on the floor, ironically, in the same place where he most and last felt alive: a chemistry lab.