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Metástasis is a short-lived Colombian Spanish-language television series and a shot-for-shot remake of Breaking Bad. The series was broadcast on UniMás and other Univision networks in the United States and Latin American countries. The series aired from June 8, 2014 until September 18, 2014, airing a total of 62 episodes.

Set in Bogotá, Colombia, Metástasis revolves around Walter Blanco (Diego Trujillo), a struggling high school chemistry teacher with a teenage son who has cerebral palsy, and a pregnant wife, Cielo (Sandra Reyes). When the already tense Blanco is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he breaks down and turns to a life of crime, producing and selling crystal methamphetamine with his former student, Jose (Roberto Urbina), in a desire to secure his family's financial future while avoiding detection from his police officer brother-in-law, Henry (Julián Arango).

The title is a subtle pun: Metastasis is a spreading pattern of cancer (like the one Walter has), and the first four letters, "meta", make up the shorter Spanish word for "meth" (metanfetamina, meta).



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Notable Differences from Breaking Bad[]

  • The primary setting is Bogotá, Colombia rather than Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • In Metástasis, Walter teaches at a private school. It is not a matter of making a statement regarding Walter’s background. In Latin America, private schools are generally more affordable than their U.S. counterparts and are attended by a greater percent of children.
  • Instead of using an RV as a mobile lab, the protagonists use a retired school bus.
  • Saul hosts a law talk-show on late night television as advertisements for lawyers are illegal in Colombia.
  • The 737 Down Over ABQ title riddle is removed altogether.
  • The Dead Freight heist involves robbing two tank trucks instead of a freight train.
  • Except for Walter, most bald characters now sport shoulder-length hair, which is more popular in Colombia and southern Mexico.
  • The ...and the Bag's in the River 1985 flashback is replaced with Walter Blanco explaining the composition of the human body in his school, so the year is unknown.
  • The scene in Felina in which Walter poses as a New York Times employee to find Gretchen and Elliott Schwartz's new address is completely omitted from the counterpart Metástasis episode.
    • This is most likely because when producing Felina, the crew was unable to film in the same house that the Schwartzes lived in in Season 1, so they wrote in the scene as a device for Walt to have their new address. Contrariwise, the Metástasis producers did not have this issue and could film in the same house, making the scene unnecessary.



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