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Dr. Maureen Bruckner is a doctor at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She was hired by Gustavo Fring to help treat Hector's paralysis symptoms after he suffered a stroke.


Season 4[]

At the hospital, a doctor nervously examines Hector while the Cousins stand silently nearby and watch. The visit is interrupted by the sudden arrival of the hospital director, accompanied by Dr. Maureen Bruckner, a specialist from Johns Hopkins who has flown to Albuquerque to treat Hector after a "generous grant" came through. Dr. Bruckner speaks Spanish to the Cousins and explains she is starting a new form of treatment in which involves stimulating Hector's brain. Nacho and Arturo arrive, and are encouraged by Dr. Bruckner to talk to Hector. ("Breathe")

Gus later invites Dr. Bruckner to his home for dinner to celebrate Hector's progress in responding to verbal cues. She believes that with more therapy he can continue to improve possibility even walking and talking again, but Gus, unbeknownst to her, wants him to remain in a non-verbal state and tells her he is ending the treatment. ("Something Stupid")


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