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This article is about a member of Jack Welker's Gang. For Mike's son, see Matt Ehrmantraut.

Matt is a member of a Jack Welker's gang, answering to Jack Welker and Kenny.


Season 5[]

Matt participated with Todd Alquist, Jack, and Kenny in killing Declan and his crew in order to take over Declan's territory. ("Buried")

After Walter White's arrest by Hank Schrader, Jack, Kenny, Todd and the rest of the gang including Matt arrive, and get into a Mexican standoff with Hank and Steven Gomez. The gang open fire on Hank and Gomez, who dive for cover. ("To'hajiilee")

After the smoke clears, Gomez has been killed while Hank has been severely wounded. Matt later helps Lester drag Jesse Pinkman from underneath Walt's car, where he had been hiding. Matt then leaves along with the other gang members and Jesse. ("Ozymandias")

While at the compound, Matt watches Jesse's confession tape and joins in laughing with the other gang members. ("Granite State")

Matt death Felina

Matt gets shot to death

Several months later, Matt is at the compound's clubhouse with Jack, Todd, Frankie, and Lester when Walt arrives with Kenny. Matt helps Kenny as they attempt to drag Walt outside to be killed, before Walt plays on Jack's ego by insisting that Jesse is now his partner. Jack has Todd bring Jesse into the clubhouse to prove otherwise, but Walt tackles Jesse to the ground while Matt stands by laughing. Walt quickly sets off his rigged M60 in the back of his car, which shoots and kills Matt and the other gang members. Matt's lifeless body fell onto a glass table and broke it ("Felina")


Murders committed by Matt[]

  • Nine of Declan's men: Shot along with Todd, Jack & Kenny in order to take over Declan's territory.
  • Steven Gomez: Shot to death along with Todd, Jack and the White Supremacist gang.


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