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Mateo Ramos is a friend of Lalo Salamanca, who helped him during the aftermath of the escape from his compound.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 6[]

Lalo arrives at Sylvia Ramos' house, bloodied after the attack on his compound. He comes inside as Sylvia serves up some breakfast for Lalo. Midway through breakfast, Mateo, Sylvia's husband, walks inside, greeting Lalo with a bushy beard. Sylvia urges him to shave, where Lalo requests Mateo to "keep the mustache and the soul patch". Mateo agrees and walks off. After a bit of conversation, Lalo, sitting at the dining table, rises up with broken scissors in the fashion of a knife, evidently killing her. He then kills Mateo and later burned his body beyond recognition. ("Wine and Roses")


Better Call Saul[]

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  • To a question from a fan on Twitter about the Ramos couple, Thomas Schnauz said: "He killed both of them and used the guy who shaved as a double for his own burned corpse. Lalo paid for his dental work, as they talked about, so Lalo worked it ahead of time as a plan to have that guy's dental records in Lalo's file."