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I trusted you.
― Marion to Gene Takavic upon discovering his true nature.[src]

Marion is Jeff's mother and a resident of Omaha, Nebraska, who exposed "Gene Takavic" as Saul Goodman.



Marion is a lifelong resident of Omaha, Nebraska. She had a son named Jeff at some point, who later moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico before moving back to Omaha.

Better Call Saul[]

Season 6[]

Marion rides her mobility scooter around a supermarket, shopping for groceries. On her way home, her scooter becomes stuck in the snow. She attracts the attention of "Gene Takavic", who is stapling missing posters around the neighborhood looking for a supposed lost dog named "Nippy". He offers to help Marion, deftly cutting the wiring of her scooter to ensure that he manually wheels her all the way home.

Jeff, the cab driver who confronted Gene at the mall, arrives home to find Marion conversing with "Gene" in their kitchen. He is forced to sit awkwardly at the table as "Gene" effortlessly charms Marion, who tells her son that he will be staying over for dinner.

In the outdoor garage of Jeff's house, after the events of robbing the shopping center the night before, he and his friend open the crate and marvel at the stolen clothes, exhilarated at the thrill of the successful heist. When Marion comes by the garage on her scooter, the three men pretend to be looking at the engine of an old car to avoid drawing suspicion. Inviting "Gene" inside, she tells him that Jeff fell in with a bad crowd when they lived in Albuquerque and tells "Gene" that he is a good influence on her son. ("Nippy")

Gene visits Jeff's house and is greeted by Marion, who shows him a new laptop computer that Jeff has given her using his proceeds from the mall heist, using it to watch funny cat videos on YouTube. Jeff returns home to find them together in the kitchen. Gene excuses Jeff and himself from the kitchen, perturbing Marion.

After settling in to watch TV, Gene receives a call on his old earphone from a frantic Jeff. He, Jeff and Buddy reconvene in Jeff's garage, which is seen by Marion from her bedroom. ("Breaking Bad (episode)")

Marion confronting Jimmy

Marion exposing Gene Takavic's real identity to the police.

After Jeff is arrested and accused of breaking and entering in connection to the broken window at the cancer-stricken mark's house—he was in reality creating a diversion allowing Gene to escape with alerting the police car parked behind his taxi cab—Gene calls Marion to let her know her son is in jail.

Marion divulges information about Jeff's criminal activities in Albuquerque, prompting Gene to share that bondsmen aren't needed in Omaha and that it's "not like Albuquerque at all." This comment raises Marion's suspicion, who uses her new laptop to find Gene's true identity as Saul Goodman. Gene catches her watching his old TV commercials, and as she prepares to call the police, he rips the phone cord out of the wall and backs her into a corner. With all other options exhausted, Marion uses her LifeAlert button to report that Saul Goodman is still alive, and in her kitchen, as Jimmy flees out the back door. ("Waterworks") Marion would later inform the police of the licence plate of Jimmy's car, and comment to herself that she hopes the police get him. Ultimately, Marion's hopes are fulfilled when Jimmy surrenders to the police, confesses to his crimes in court, and is given a prison sentence of 86 years. ("Saul Gone")


"What do we have here? Extra-sharp Wisconsin cheddar. "Extra-sharp," hmm? Ohh. You can keep it, Wisconsin. Ugh."
―Marion expressing disgust after trying Wisconsin cheddar cheese[src]

"Don't worry, hon, he's not an ax murderer. If he was gonna chop me to bits he'd have done it already."
―Marion jokingly introducing her son Jeff to "Gene Takavic"[src]

"Oh. Another good one. Oh, hey, Jeffie! Look what the cat dragged in! (...) Yeah, well, he... he got it for me, and I didn't know what the hell to do with it, but, uh, look, Gene showed me. You... You go to the box up here... And then you type in "funny cat videos." I mean, that's it, just "funny cat videos." These funny cat videos just pop up! Look at this one. Look, look. Cat eating an ice cream. Can you believe it?"
―Marion discussing the funny cat videos with "Gene" and Jeff.[src]

Gene: "What's that?"
Marion: "You tell me."
Gene: "Marion, do you think that's me? 'Cause it's not."
Marion: "There never was a Nippy, was there?"
Gene: "What did Jeff tell you?"
Marion: "Oh, he didn't tell me anything. Ask Jeeves told me. I typed in "con man" and "Albuquerque," and up you popped, big as day."
Gene: "What are you doing, Marion?"
Marion: "What do you think I'm doing? I'm calling the police."
Gene: "Here, lemme help you with that. Listen, I think we're losing sight of the bigger picture here, okay? Jeff is in trouble, and I wanna help him. He and I sure could use your support here."
Marion: "What did you get my son into?"
Gene: "Nothing that he didn't ask for. (...) Now, listen, I'm still the good friend you thought I was, okay? Jeff understands me, Buddy understands me. And you will, too. It's just, you have to, uh, you know, keep things on an even keel, all right? (...) What have you got there?"
Marion: "Uh..."
Gene: "Put that down."
Marion: "Huh..."
Gene: "Put that down, Marion. Put it down. Do not do it, Marion. Final warning."
Marion: "I trusted you. (button clicks, pendant beeps)"
Valerie: "Marion? This is Valerie with LifeAlert. Are you okay?"
Marion: "No, Valerie, I'm not okay. There's a criminal standing in my kitchen, threatening me! He's a wanted man, and his name is Saul Goodman!"
Valerie: "All right, Marion, I'm calling the police. I'm calling right now."
―Marion identifies Gene as Saul Goodman and shatters his false identity, prompting Jimmy to flee Omaha in a hurry.[src]

"Oh, please get him."
―Marion hoping the police catch Saul.[src]


Better Call Saul[]

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  • Marion's character was teased at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival by Bob Odenkirk.
  • At the butcher's stand of the supermarket, Marion is offered a sample of "Extra-sharp Wisconsin cheddar". The package says that this cheese comes from the Schnauz farms, an easter-egg related to Thomas Schnauz.
  • The Saul Goodman advertisement that Marion watched on her laptop is the same one featured in the Breaking Bad episode "Better Call Saul".