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Margarethe: "I'd like to invite you in... but I have work in the morning."
"Ben": "Of course."
Margarethe: "No— that's not... when do you fly home?"
"Ben": "Tomorrow."
Margarathe: "Well... in another life."
"Ben": "In another life."
―Margarethe bidding her dashing companion goodnight.[src]

Margarethe Ziegler is the wife of Werner Ziegler.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 6[]

Margarethe is encountered by Lalo Salamanca, who is using the persona of Ben, a debonair American businessman from New Mexico, at a bar in Germany. The two of them talk about her husband Werner, and Lalo attempts to extract information from her about Werner's activities in the United States. She can't tell him much, but he is able to ascertain that his workers didn't attend his funeral, but sent condolences. The two of them walk to her house and she says she would invite him inside provided she didn't have work in the morning. Lalo accepts this, but the next morning after she leaves for work, he sneaks into her house to find information about Werner's operation. Margarethe returns a short time later — she has forgotten her phone — and Lalo seems poised to kill her. He finds a slide rule encased in lucite—a memorial to Werner—with a label on the bottom, presumably leading to Werner's crew, and leaves through a window before Margarethe can find him. ("Black and Blue")


Better Call Saul[]

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