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Margaret was the receptionist at Beneke Fabricators.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 2[]


Margaret talking to Skyler.

When Skyler White applies for a data-entry job at Beneke Fabricators, her old employer, the receptionist Margaret gives her the brush-off. Margaret notes that Skyler left the company's Accounting Department four years ago, which Skyler replies was for "family." Margaret then says, "We'll definitely let you know. Thank you for coming by." However, despite Margaret's objections, Skyler bolts past her to chat with Ted Beneke, the owner. After catching up, Ted offers Skyler her old bookkeeping position ("Negro y Azul").

Season 3[]

Margaret is seen once more when Walter White heads to Beneke Fabricators to confront Ted, who refuses to see him. "You don't want to be a man about it?" Walt shouts. As Skyler and her co-workers watch, Walt hurls a huge potted plant at a window into Ted's office, much to Margaret's displeasure. It bounces off harmlessly. Margaret calls security, and three warehouse men arrive and toss Walt out the front door ("Green Light").


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  • Margaret is credited simply as "Receptionist." Her name is revealed when Ted Beneke says, "No calls, Margaret, thanks" in "Negro y Azul".