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Lawson: "Which brings us to the M40. Tried and true, battle-tested. Essentially the same rifle used by Marine snipers since 1966. It's light, accurate, good for soft targets in the 8- to 1,200-meter range. You seem to know this one."
Mike: "Oh, yeah. You could say that."
Lawson: "That's the A1 model. There's not much change from the original. Biggest difference is the stock. It's fiberglass instead of wood. They changed it over in 1970 or so."
Mike: "Good. Wood warped like hell. You get it wet, put it in the sun, gone. Somebody probably should have figured that out before they sent it into a damn jungle."
Lawson and Mike Ehrmantraut discuss the rifle.[src]

The M40A1 rifle is a bolt-action sniper rifle and an upgraded version of the M40 rifle used by United States Marine Corps snipers since 1966, replacing the Winchester Model 70.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 2[]

While plotting to kill Tuco Salamanca, Mike Ehrmantraut enlists the help of black market gun dealer Lawson to buy a sniper rifle. After Mike rejects the first two options, Lawson suggests the M40 rifle. As Mike examines the rifle, Lawson notices that Mike appears to be familiar with the gun to which Mike comments "you could say that." Lawson explains that its the A1 model and that it was changed over from wood to fiberglass in around 1970, pleasing Mike as wood gets "warped like hell" in the sun and "somebody probably should've figure that out before they sent it into a damn jungle." However, Mike changes his mind and decides on another plan rather than killing Tuco. ("Gloves Off")

BCS 210 08

Mike testing the M40A1 with Lawson spotting

Due to threats from Hector Salamanca, Mike decides to assassinate the old don and buys the M40A1 from Lawson to do the job. Acting as Mike's spotter, Lawson helps him make practice shots and offers advice. Mike decides to stick with the 168gr ammo rather than upgrading to 180gr. Mike later attempts to kill Hector with the gun, but he is interrupted by his horn being deliberately set off to stop him. ("Klick")

Season 3[]

As part of his plan to sabotage Hector Salamanca's business after Gustavo Fring stops him from killing Hector, Mike sets up a sniper's nest and observes Hector's truck drivers through his sniper rifle. He then fires it into the air multiple times, making the two men think that hunters are chasing prey nearby. As the men drive away, Mike shoots a pair of sneakers that he has strung over a telephone wire, causing them to spill cocaine onto the truck. As a result, the two men get arrested at the border. ("Sunk Costs")

Season 5[]

After following Saul Goodman as he picks up Lalo Salamanca's bail money, Mike rescues him from an ambush by a Colombian Gang, using his sniper rifle to kill all but Tiburón who escapes. After Saul's car breaks down, Mike carries the M40 with him through the desert in a bag while Saul carries the bail money. Following a rousing speech by Mike, Saul orders Mike to ready his rifle and heads into the middle of the road with a space blanket to draw Tiburón's attention. Mike's first shot misses, but his second kills Tiburón, causing him to crash his truck, rendering it useless for Mike and Saul to use to reach civilization. ("Bagman")

When Lalo Salamanca breaks into Saul and Kim Wexler's home, Mike covers them from a rooftop across the street with his sniper rifle until Lalo leaves. ("Bad Choice Road")

Season 6[]

Mike uses his sniper rifle to cover Nacho Varga's meeting with the Cousins, Juan Bolsa and Hector Salamanca in the desert from a distance. After Nacho's suicide, Mike sadly packs up his gun and leaves. ("Rock and Hard Place")

In a flashback, Mike is carrying the bag with his sniper rifle when he and Jimmy stop after killing Tiburón. ("Saul Gone")


  • Mike's familiarity with the gun suggests that he may have been a Marine sharpshooter during the Vietnam war.
  • Seasons 1 and 4 are the only seasons in which Mike never uses the rifle at all. In Season 1, Mike simply hadn't bought it yet while he was mostly working on monitoring Werner Ziegler's construction of the superlab in Season 4 and as such, Mike didn't encounter a situation where he required use of his sniper rifle.
  • For some reason, Mike is never seen using a sniper rifle in Breaking Bad, although this may be out of choice or lack of circumstance requiring one.
  • Much like Mike's Smith & Wesson Model 629 Performance Center, the M40A1 doesn't appear in Breaking Bad despite its frequent appearance in Better Call Saul.
    • Mike uses both weapons in "Bagman".