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Lyle is the assistant manager of Los Pollos Hermanos, Albuquerque.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 3[]

Hector, flanked by Nacho and Arturo, walks into Gus' restaurant and behaves menacingly towards the customers and staff, including Lyle, helping himself to some soda and lighting a cigar. Gus is summoned from a visit at the local fire department and finds his workers held hostage. After sending them home, Gus confronts Hector in his back office. The following morning, Gus addresses his employees and apologizes for the distress caused by the previous day's events. Lyle questions his boss about Hector and his men. After giving a rousing speech about how in America the righteous have no reason to fear and how those men no longer have power over him, Gus wins the moral support of his employees. ("Sabrosito")

Season 4[]

At Los Pollos Hermanos, Lyle visits Gus in his office and tells him that two men—one of whom he has recognized from Hector's visit the previous year—are in the restaurant. Both men turn out to be Nacho and Lalo. ("Wiedersehen")

Season 5[]

As Gus awaits word on his dead drops, Lyle closes up the restaurant. However, Gus is displeased by a cleaning job one of the employees did on the deep fryer and Lyle tries multiple times to fix the job. Lyle gives it a thorough cleaning, but Gus simply calls it "acceptable" before sending a confused and concerned Lyle home. Schematics and plans later uncovered by Lalo reveal that Gus had at one point considered using Lyle as an unwitting collateral victim of the Pollos explosion attack, but decided against the idea due to liability. ("Namaste")

Season 6[]

Gus's paranoia over Lalo's next move leads him to anxiously walk through Los Pollos Hermanos, briefly stopping in the kitchen where Lyle is overseeing operations. Lyle simply nods in Gus's direction. A few moments later, one of the employees drops a stack of trays, startling Gus. Lyle emerges from the kitchen and apologizes to Gus before helping the employee clean up. ("Black and Blue")

In the early hours of the morning, Lyle enters the restaurant when he receives a call from Gus, informing him that due to a family emergency, he will be unavailable for the week and that Lyle will have to act as store manager during that time. Unbeknownst to Lyle, Gus is actually recovering from a bullet wound sustained during the shootout between himself and Lalo that resulted in Lalo's death. ("Point and Shoot")


Lyle is a loyal and dedicated employee at Los Pollos Hermanos, and he has a great deal of respect for Gus. When Hector Salamanca arrives with his crew to intimidate Gus, Lyle is hesitant to leave out of fear for Gus's safety. When Gus discovered one of the deep fryers was not cleaned properly, Lyle scrubbed it tirelessly until Gus was satisfied. He even offered to give Gus a ride to the airport when Gus called about his absence due to his shootout with Lalo.


Better Call Saul[]

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  • Since Lyle does not appear at all during the events of Breaking Bad, it is assumed that he either resigned from his position as Los Pollos Hermanos' assistant manager or was let go by Gus at some point.