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Lydia's House is the home of Lydia Rodarte-Quayle and her young daughter, Kiira.


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Season 5[]

After Lydia put a hit out on Mike Ehrmantraut, Mike traveled to Houston, snuck into Lydia's House and threatened to kill her. Lydia begged him to leave her body in the house so that her daughter wouldn't think she had been abandoned. On the verge of shooting her, he stopped and asked if she could still get her hands on methylamine, remembering the offer pitched to him by Walter White and Jesse and realizing that she may still be of some use to him. ("Madrigal")

Shortly following the deaths of Todd Alquist and the rest of Jack Welker's Gang, Lydia called Todd from her sick bed in her house, expecting him to tell her that Walter White had been killed. Walt answered instead, informing Lydia that he had poisoned her earlier with ricin. ("Felina") Lydia was taken to a hospital and was expected to die shortly thereafter. ("El Camino")


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