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This article is about a waitress at Denny's. For a supermarket clerk, see Lucy (Clerk). For an employee at Los Pollos Hermanos, see Lucy (Los Pollos Hermanos).

Lucy is a waitress at Denny's.


Background information[]

Lucy once lived at Swampscott, Massachusetts. ("Live Free or Die")

Breaking Bad[]

Season 5[]

After the identity of Heisenberg has been made public, Lucy served an abnormal Walter White, using a false alias of "Mr. Lambert", his breakfast consisting of bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns. He breaks his bacon strips in half, then arranges the pieces into the number 52 to reference his family's birthday tradition. Lucy notices this and asked Walter what is he doing with his breakfast, he replied that it's his birthday where Lucy satisfied him with a "happy birthday" and informed birthday meals are free in Denny's by using a valid ID but Walter declined. Lucy convinces him that "free is good" even if she's rich to the point he eventually give out his false ID card.

After a short discussion of states and receiving the keys from a gun dealer, Walter leaves his money for his unconsumed breakfast and exits out of the restaurant when Lucy wishes him another happy birthday. ("Live Free or Die",  "Felina")


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