The Los Pollos Hermanos Factory Farm produced food supplies for Los Pollos Hermanos including chicken and fry batter. It was also used as a methamphetamine distribution center for Gustavo Fring's Drug Empire.


Better Call Saul

Season 3


Season 4


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Breaking Bad

Season 3

Gustavo Fring arranged a meeting here between himself, Juan Bolsa, Hector Salamanca, Leonel Salamanca and Marco Salamanca after Mike Ehrmantraut saw them about to murder Walter White. The cousins wanted vengeance for Walt's involvement in Leonel and Marco's cousin Tuco Salamanca's death. Gus told them that he had business with Walt and that they must wait until it is concluded. ("I.F.T.")


Walt and Gus discuss business.

A series of workers were shown packing Blue Sky methamphetamine and concealing it in buckets of fry batter before it was shipped out to Los Pollos Hermanos restaurants around the southwestern United States. Later Walt drove out to the farm to meet Gus and discuss the cousins' attack on Hank Schrader. Walt negotiated an extended deal with Gus. ("Kafkaesque")

After Jesse Pinkman discovered that the rival dealers who used Tomás Cantillo to murder Combo worked for Gus he began to plan their murders. Walt intervened and told Gus of Jesses plans, who then set up a meeting between himself, Jesse, Walt and the dealers. Gus brokered a compromised whereby the rival dealers would stop using children and Jesse would not attempt to kill them. ("Half Measures")

Season 4

After Hank became suspicious that Gus was involved in the sale and production of Blue Sky, he began investigating properties connected to Gus. Still recovering from the injuries he sustained in the cousins' attack, he asked Walt to drive him out to the farm. Walt feigned sickness and told Mike that Hank planned to investigate the farm. Mike, Jesse, and others worked to remove any evidence of the meth distribution taking place at the farm. Following the clean-up, Gaff attacked Gus' crew with a sniper rifle from a distance, killing one of the men. Gus marched into harm's way, arms raised confrontationally and the attack ceased. ("Bug")

Hank eventually staked out the farm with Walt's help a few days later. ("Crawl Space")


  • Exterior shots of the factory farm were filmed at a branch of Cal-Maine Foods which is located at 9615 Broadway Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM 87105. After filming finished, the facility was sold and demolished.

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